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        Louisiana-native / LSU freshman Koy Moore was stopped by multiple police officers from BRPD inside a parking garage on Saturday night and was accosted by the officers from (reportedly) Baton Rouge Police Department...with their guns drawn.

        According to the Rummel High graduate, the officers unlawfully detained Moore, pointing guns while shouting "where's your gun?!"

        Koy was searched for "guns and drugs", the officers confiscated his cell phone when he attempted to film the event, and the incident only stopped its frenzy once Moore identified himself as an LSU football player.

        Moore believes had he not been an LSU player, he may not be around to tell his story. 

        We are still waiting for word from the Baton Rouge Police Department and we will update you with their version of events as soon as possible. 

         No guns, drugs or anything illegal whatsoever was found at the scene, Moore was not intoxicated, nor was he charged with a crime nor arrested.

        We will have more on this story when it comes available, however we do have sources telling us this incident has caused major meetings and intense discussions within the LSU program:

Not only are the players expecting a "big message" sent by Coach O to "back them". The University tells me they will address the issue on Monday.

         Things are unclear right now, however Koy's statement is quite definitive and it's imperative Coach Ed Orgeron and the LSU program back their freshman until the accuracy of his statement is proven otherwise:

“Last night I was approached by [police],” he wrote on Twitter. “They pulled guns on me assuming I had a gun and drugs, (screaming where’s your gun?). I was violated numerous times even as going as far as trying to unzip my pants in search of a weapon that I repeatedly told them I did not have.

“As I tried to go live for video documentation of the harassment they snatched my phone. I could’ve lost my life and I know for a fact nothing would’ve happened to the guys who did it.”
“As some celebrate the election of a new president, understand the real problem [has] not changed. If I didn’t tell those incompetent officers that I was an LSU football player there is no telling if I would’ve been here to tell the story! Yesterday wasn’t a victory for America. It was only a distraction.”

If Moore wasn't charged with a crime or was committing a crime when the police arrived (he wasn't charged or arrested) then we believe Koy Moore's rights were violated.

What most likely happened to LSU freshman Koy Moore is the same thing happening to many young black men all over the country...a hard dose of reality Tiger fans can't ignore and must confront.

         Racism and police brutality are alive and well and now one of LSU's own have been caught in the near-literal crossfire.


WAFB reports three Baton Rouge Police officers have been suspended for their role in illegally detaining Koy Moore and Coach Orgeron spoke out:

“I met with Koy and his mom this morning to find out what was going on. His brother was also involved,” Coach Ed Orgeron stated during his weekly Zoom press conference. “In my statement I sent out last night I said there’s no place in America for racism.”

“I want to thank Chief Murphy Paul for acting quickly and investigating this. Three officers have been put on paid administrative leave. Obviously we are going to let them deal with everything."




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SHOUTOUTS: Koy Moore for speaking out! 

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