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Updated: Feb 26, 2021





1,223 YARDS


21 TDs

A three sport athlete (football, basketball, track), Nabers was a dominion of his own odyssey, rampaging his way through defenders like the second coming of the Bayou Blur throughout 2019, lighting up defenders as much as the headlines on his way to a legendary junior year.

It was during that monumental 2019 season at Comeaux when Nabers really broke out, putting opponents to the sword for 1,223 receiving yards from 58 catches resulting in a startling 21 touchdowns...a substantial haul of receiving discipleship (more 2019 TDs than Brian Thomas Jr, Chris Hilton Jr, Deion Smith or Jack Bech).

Although when he aimed to top these otherworldly numbers in 2020, Malik was sadly forced to sit out his entire senior year after he transferred to Southside High (due to ridiculous LHSAA transfer rules)...

Despite not playing in 2020 (which sadly hurt Nabers' recruitment) his brilliance was abundantly clear to LSU....and yet the Tigers left the situation way late...striking at the 11th hour.

Had the Tigers lost such a righteous local masterpiece to Mississippi State, it would've been a travesty: not only for LSU, but for Nabers himself.

A prodigy such as Malik Nabers deserves more than Mike Leach's Air Raid at LSU, Nabers has 4 potential starting quarterbacks, all boasting supernatural passing ability and intellect...and coming in behind is another quarterback he knows very well, Walker Howard from 2022.

On the recruiting trail, the Tigers' legendary WRs Coach Mickey Joseph pushed for Nabers all along, but once Jo Jo Earle flipped to Alabama, Joseph convinced the entire staff to geaux all in, their increased attention forcing the Nabers flip from Miss State back to the Boot-born speed demon's home state Tigers.

Following his signing, Nabers talked about wearing the purple & gold with "I prayed last night and I told God to give me a sign and he gave me a sign to sign with LSU."

Talking more about representing his hometown Tigers:

"It means a lot because a lot of people don’t get this opportunity like I have. They got kids that are wanting to be in my seat and I hope they get there because it’s not easy. I think it’s a huge accomplishment to play for your home state because that’s where everyone wants to play is their home state. My home state is one of the best and I decided to stay here."

Nabers has significant abilities, talents which may go under the radar when a class hauls in such celebrated names like Brian Thomas Jr, Deion Smith, Jack Bech or Chris Hilton...that's a deep reservoir of talent from just one class...we aren't even talking about the thoroughbreds on the 2021 roster yet, led by Kayshon Boutte.

But if you look closer at Nabers' profile, you'll find a player who's deceiving in his greatness.

First of all, Malik not only plays wide receiver, he can set up shop as a lock down cornerback...once again, he's not your typical receiver / DB combo:

Nabers is the strongest receiver of the 2021 class: he's able to carry multiple defenders for yards on end, shakes off big hits like a titan, even picking up a receiver and tossing him aside when being blocked.

Malik fancies himself as a receiver, and he's a strong young man blessed with steely determination to play anywhere, but could he be moved to defense.... safety even???

He has an elite mindset, one of true devastation, class & triumph in one on one battles, often humiliating opponents without necessarily meaning to; Nabers also possesses a quiet "death glare" intensity on the field which has always been far more intimidating than "yo mamma" trash talk.

Once again...another high octane Tiger full of madcap versatility, stark-raving aggression and playmaking brilliance...rooted by pure footballing showmanship & craft.


Could Nabers be allowed to play both ways straight out of the gate?

Boundary WR?



All of the above???????!??!


It could take a year to figure out his best position, especially with a deep receiving corps and secondary. However, with spots still up for grabs as the #2-5th WR, don't count Nabers out of being a heavy freshman contributor, especially considering the Tiger's brutal strength and Jefferson-esque chip on his shoulder.



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