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Updated: Dec 18, 2021



After a single bloodthirsty finish on Early Signing Day, moving LSU's 2022 recruiting class from 25th to 18th nationally (according to the 247 Sports rankings), LSU's new Head Coach Brian Kelly has announced himself on the SEC recruiting trail in devastating fashion.

It was an impressive display from Kelly's new team, featuring some Tiger coaches on their way out & a few new assistants who hadn't coached in the SEC for some years, all coming together for the kids;

Over the final weeks before the dead period, Kelly's staff hit the ground running, not only setting the table with an overwhelmingly positive final official visit weekend, Kelly's staffers provided the finishing power LSU had lost over the past two cycles.

Sealing big time DE Quency Wiggins from the clutches of Alabama likely wouldn't have happened if Orgeron stayed on, but unlike some high profile misses in recent memory, Wiggins' commitment to LSU only solidified down the stretch;

Keeping every major commit on the board (only losing Rhym & Johnson) is a massive finish, plus Kelly managed to further the program's reach within Louisiana:

LSU's new Head ball Coach proved he has the minerals when his regime offered, flipped & signed outstanding Miami commit Landon Ibieta, before finally offering & signing sure-fire future DBU cornerstone Jordan was big time.

One move after another (specifically a Massachusetts native holding serve on a slew of historically elite Louisiana recruits) has not only restored faith in Kelly....the fanbase & community's belief exploded after the players talked about him glowingly, referring to his calculation, organization, and off the wall humor (which surprised some of his national critics).

Many doubters questioned Brian Kelly's personality, his motivations for coming to LSU, how he left Notre Dame, how he handled the ousting of longtime legendary assistants at LSU....even his dance moves came under question....

After his recruiting heroics showed off his multi-faceted strategy to bring LSU back into title contention, a plan which is being gradually revealed piece by piece, most of his detractors were left in tatters.

Since he's arrived, whether we realized, liked or understood his decisions at the time, Kelly has pushed every right button, proving he can take the punches as well as navigate the ebb & flow of 2021's high stakes SEC recruiting.

But he wasn't finished...

No....not even close...

Even though Kelly already signed the #1 QB, DE & LT in America, a top 5 OL, a top 10 CB, and grabbing major complimentary players all possessing high octane upside, Frank Wilson, Brian Polian, Kerry Cooks, Mason Smith and specifically Brad Davis weren't done yet.

On Thursday, one of the most highly prized OL in America committed to the Tigers: FIU's transfer Miles Frazier shockingly chose LSU, and in the process, Davis blasted away Ohio State's pursuit in mere weeks.

What a major statement of intent from LSU's current Interim Head Coach & OL Impresario Brad Davis:

The man just sealed 5 star Will Campbell, should-be 5 star Emery Jones, convinced an elite DT to play LSU's most desperately needed position (Fitz West at center), helped LSU sign underrated Tiger Legacy Bo Bordelon at a position of need (guard), and now he reels in the #1 OL in the transfer portal, FIU's Miles Frazier...a player I project to be a high 4 star level talent...

Heading into 2022, LSU have now turned around the team's worst unit of the past 2 seasons in a single 32 hour period:

Brad Davis has an army of offensive linemen for 2022, including some strong upperclassmen such as Marlon Martinez, SEC All-American freshman Garrett Dellinger, Xavier Hill, Marcus Dumervil, and Kardell Thomas among others; Now, alongside those more experienced Tigers, these new bloods will be shown the ways of Brad Davis by a group who won't be as bowled over by Davis' coaching as 2021's Cregg-helmed unit.


There's Westgate WR Danny Lewis, who former school legend Kayshon Boutte believes "deserves an LSU offer"; well, immediately after Westgate's state title victory, Kelly's right hand man Brian Polian was at the Superdome to invite Lewis for an official visit.

Simultaneously, LSU are in a fantastic position to finish off the 2022 Class by signing 2 more potential 5 stars, Louisiana natives Jacoby Mathews at safety & #1 LB Harold Perkins.

There's also every chance for more surprise names too, as Wilson, Polian, Davis, Cooks, Kelly and Smith continue to go to work....evaluating and bringing new names to the table.

For all the negative talk, Kelly has shown he has the answers...pulling off impressive, innovative moves while forcing a lot of foolish panic-fiends and Notre Dame sympathizers to back the f**k up...



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