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Following his early enrollee cancellation, a ton of recruiting jitters over class focal point Raesjon Davis jumped out from all over. Downtrodden LSU fans were expecting more horrible's after May 2020 at LSU, of course here comes an avalanche...but in reality, Raesjon Davis has not decommitted, he hasn't made any quick decisions:

We talked to Raesjon's father a born and bred USC fan (and a true out and out So Cal LSU-die hard) Rashad Davis Sr. He gave us some great insight into where the family is at:

#1: The talk of firings and ousting coaches such as Bo Pelini has made Raesjon hesitate and consider his decision.

"Raesjon hasn't told me anything about decommitting, but right now we're making sure the staff stays the same."

#2: Covid has affected their recruitment.

"Covid has ruined things for us. We wanted to visit for weeks and can't, it just sucks."

Raesjon and his family attended Tiger Turnout, were going to head to the Missouri game, but that plan was scrapped after the location was changed to Columbus instead of hurricane-ravaged Baton Rouge, they made attempts to see the Miss State every turn, Covid or other 2020-related pitfalls have stopped them.

Raesjon Davis is still committed to LSU, posting photos on Instagram of himself in Tiger purple and looking determined with a game-face as he pushed the Tiger emblem forth.

His father Rashad also had a back and forth on Twitter with Chris Hilton Sr over the Arik Gilbert situation. Raesjon spoke about how "Coach O was the first to offer my son when he was a sophomore."

This is a kid who wants to be an LSU Tiger deeply...he wants LSU just as badly as LSU wants him....and so if he were to decommit, that would be as big of an affirmation as you'd need concerning the alleged growing dysfunction around the program....but under Coach Orgeron's direction, I cannot imagine Louisiana State beginning a descent down the mine shaft of big names who've become losing programs, collapsing next to the heap of Texas, SMU, USC and Michigan.

THAT WON'T HAPPEN...LSU are good enough based on an average recruiting year alone to avoid that kind of catastrophe...without Leigh, Foreman or Smith, LSU still have the #3 class in the nation...

None of those teams (Texas, Michigan, USC) can produce the same number of high octane recruits and certifiable, NFL-ready talent as Coach Orgeron's LSU....even in our down years (2014-2017) LSU still had 5 players selected in the first round, 9 players selected in the 2nd and 33 overall selections, including strong NFL careerists like Super Bowl Champions Jalen Mills, Jeremy Hill, Danny Etling, Pro Bowlers such as Danielle Hunter, Jamal Adams, Tre'Davious White, Odell Beckham Jr, Kwon Alexander, D.J Chark and more.

Raesjon Davis belongs within this purple and gold NFL tradition....100% certify this statement: we WILL be watching #32 flying around on Saturdays, winning games for the Tigers himself with his play-making abilities before we'll get to sit back and watch him erase the competition on Sundays....

The only things which could force his decommitment?

LSU dismissing defenders Greg Penn III, Saivion Jones, Kheanu Koht or anymore of Raesjon's friends on the potential squad. The processing of Naquan Brown was the action which started all of this to begin with....

Would the firing of Defensive Coordinator Bo Pelini or the loss of Linebackers Analyst Alec Osbourne (the man most responsible for bringing Davis down South) also force a decommitment from LSU??

I'm not sure...I believe Orgeron has enough power in his message to keep Raesjon in Baton Rouge, but it's up to #32 to decide where he sees himself not just next year, but in his sophomore year, would he have developed to the point he should? Is Raesjon enjoying the school he's chosen?

In conclusion, he had this to say:

"Something needs to happen fast."

"What exactly? A decision or a firing or some type of judgement on the case?" I asked for clarification.

"With the rape allegations and whether they are going to get rid of coaches etc. Kids and especially parents want to know the state of the program."

LSU cannot afford a Davis decommitment. One of the most prestigious football families in America (featuring ties to the Ricks & Foreman families) with Coach Rashad the father, DeAndra the football mom organising part of Tiger Turnout, Raesjon's 5 Star Patrick Queen meets Devin White profile and pedigree, even brother Ramere Davis is receiving big time offers by the day....

If an unlikely Decommittment happens, it will undo the 2021 class and all the 2019 glory would be wasted....plain and simple.

Raesjon means as much if not more than any quarterback, especially after LSU's 2020 performances on defense....

He is mandatory...




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