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12 months ago, very few LSU fans were throwing around 2023 QB candidates who's names weren't Manning or Holstein....

6 months ago, only Dante Moore seemed like a realistic option, but even at that time his commitment to LSU was never really possible.

3 months ago, LSU's fanbase were wondering if Brian Kelly's staff would even sign a quarterback during the 2023 cycle..

And then....information crossed our path: Studying 2023's big board, QBs Coach Joe Sloan wondered how he could finish the class with a QB....but not just any QB, LSU needed the right locker room leader.

Then it clicked....

Out of Woodlawn High, Elite 11 QB Rickie Collins had already committed to Purdue, however unlike fellow 2023 Louisiana QBs Holstein or Manning, Collins didn't refuse LSU; his lack of interest arose purely due to former Head Coach Ed Orgeron's staff dismissing Collins as a talent entirely.

Once Sloan, Kelly and Denbrock understood the reasoning behind Collins' Purdue commitment, Kelly's staff knew if they made an honest push for Collins....he might just flip.

Following 2 visits and plenty of intensive recruiting, Collins committed to the LSU Tigers on Wednesday evening, making his longtime dream come true.

Rickie's LSU commitment is yet another special recruiting moment in a summer littered with instances where Kelly's LSU have made their mark in a historic manner, climbing from the late 30s early 40s into a Top 5 class in little over a month.

Now flipping one of the best overall quarterbacks of 2023, who happens to be born and raised in Louisiana, only days after sealing the commitment of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ WR Shelton Sampson Jr, just weeks after nabbing Tyree Adams and Kaleb Jackson, LSU are making sure they keep as many local powerhouses in purple and gold as possible.

Securing their class quarterback out of the Boot, amid Louisiana's highest ranked QB cycle ever, ensures LSU didn't miss out on a potential elite talent, while also casting away any "Notre Dame of the South" panic from the chicken littles on Tiger Droppings;

This staff aren't just recruiting Louisiana, they're dominating the state & taking back our home turf from the likes of Alabama's Pete Golding or A&M's Jimbo Fisher, fending off any outside influence with a message of pure love for your home state.

Following 2022 5 star & #1 overall QB Walker Howard, Rickie Collins is now primed for at least a 2 year shot at the starting job...and his development will be exciting to witness over the next few years.

As a three sport high school star, Collins is athletic, but not completely a dual threat QB as advertised, preferring to trust in his strong arm, precision accuracy (for the most part), gritty elusiveness, and advanced football IQ; As for his demeanor, Collins continues to become a willing leader at Woodlawn High, all as he improves his game.

While he will need to add weight as well as work on his mechanics, Rickie's playmaking abilities and confidence has always been intriguing to top coaches across the country.

Can Joe Sloan mould him into a great QB at LSU?

I believe Rickie has a chance to be an LSU star. Due to his iron clad mentality & poise, I can't help but feel glad he's a Tiger & excited for his future.



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Aug 11, 2022

I am excited to see him in purple and gold!! Sounds like a very fine young man. 💜💛💜🐯


He is an exciting option for the future. Really a quality talent and individual.

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