Unless injury or an unimaginable lack of opportunity occurs, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Safety Sage Ryan is about to geaux off as a true freshman, mark my words.

Ever since early enrollee Derrick Davis Jr began making the talk show rounds as a top name for LSU fans to keep an eye on, Ryan's supernatural versatility faded into the background as Tiger fans became familiar with Davis Jr at safety.

Well, it's time to realize the stern fact of the matter here:

Regardless of how many athletically elite superstars, track champions, two or three position athletes or legacy Tigers there are among our freshman class, it's hard for anyone to challenge the range of dominant mayhem Sage Ryan produces...oh...and he's also an athletically elite superstar, a track star who readily plays two or three positions, and thanks to his kinship with the Faulks, he's also a Legacy Tiger.

The complete package, my dear readers.

Not only is Sage an elite cover safety fully capable of locking down slot receivers, he's just as aggressive at the line or when tracking underneath, attacking and brutalizing anyone coming over the middle.

Though he's hardly been utilized as a blitzer, Ryan is also effective when penetrating the backfield, covering backs in the flat and reading an opponent's RPO action easier than The Cat In The Hat.

Still, his best strengths aren't found in football's physicality, but more through his reverence for the ancient art of cerebral playmaking....paying tribute to past DBU heroes (Tyrann Mathieu, Tre'davious White, Corey Webster) loud and proud.

Ryan's pre-snap diagnosis is the best I've seen from any 2021 defender, creating a world where quarterbacks become Dan Brown page-turners.

Another main reason he's our top defensive freshman arriving this summer?

When Ed Orgeron signs 5 star defensive backs, his Bayou Bengals' track record is incredible thus far:

Eli Ricks broke out as a freshman last year, Derek Stingley from 2019, Jacoby Stevens back in 2017, and 2016's Kristian Fulton: 16 overall INTs, two NFL Draft picks (with Derek & Eli locked to follow as 1st Round picks), two All-American honors thus far, one second team All-SEC, an SEC title, and a National Championship...

Talk about an outrageous haul...

So, it geauxs without saying...

Sage Ryan doesn't have to explode as a freshman to be a major success (i.e Stevens or Fulton), however if recent LSU history tells us anything, Orgeron & Corey Raymond's freshmen DBs have been unrepentant in their brilliance.

Who knows, LSU might need an All-American debut from Sage to reach the College Football Playoff:

When you look at the Tigers' options at safety, no matter how many names and faces you can count, our coaching staff continue to feel so concerned by the position, Austin Thomas & Coach O repeatedly dipped into the transfer portal for help (Major Burns, former Nicholls St nickelback Pig Cage) and moved Jay Ward from cornerback in an effort to shore up the position.

While Jay Ward and sophomore Jordan Toles will likely enjoy breakthrough 2021 seasons, watch for Sage Ryan as he becomes a key Tiger.



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