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Updated: Mar 27, 2021



'member OR do we need 'member berries to remember???...


Derek Stingley Sr and Coach Orgeron's agreement centered around the following plan: Derek Jr's first and second year would be DB totally with some return game responsibilities, but when Derek's junior year came knocking, the former three phase player would return to playing a couple different offensive positions as well as his usual DBU King role.

Many LSU luminaries have spoken out against this for logical, obvious reasons...yet we need to remember one thing here: if you were afraid of Deion Sanders getting hurt on punt returns, just think of the magic you'd lose...

Derek Stingley Jr could win a Heisman at LSU if unleashed within this Peetz offense, however I agree right now it's far too crowded at running back or receiver to give Stingley a shot...but I'm bringing this up simply because of his agreement with Coach O...where does that handshake stand?

This could be the final opportunity Derek Jr will ever have to play offense...he'll make his money and ply his trade at the professional level as a shutdown corner of course, he's already mastered the position and even possesses room for improvement....

But just imagine Sting on offense...if you witnessed his career coming out of Denham Springs, playing at Dunham School, you know damn well what I'm referring to. During his senior conquest alone, the young man caught or ran for 14 touchdowns, averaged 28 yards per catch, 17 yards per rush, as he ridiculously scored a TD every three touches...

...So, other than injuries (which, as we found out last year, Derek can get injured on defense just the same) what's our excuse for not giving a generational talent the opportunity to affect the game in all three, or at least two phases?

If Coach O made the agreement, shook Stingley Sr's hand on that promise, he can't go back on the decision no matter how loaded the Tigers are at receiver...

I understand the ramifications of losing Derek two weeks before Alabama to a horrific torn hamstring while trying to spin through three guys on offense, I get it...that outcome would be a catastrophe...yet it was also awful losing Stingley Jr to an ankle injury sustained against the first down marker...and it happened when he only played corner....

It's football...injuries are going to happen...just let him play.



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4 commenti

19 mar 2021

Let #24 focus on being an elite CB, no offense and not returns. Let Palmer return the ball and get his chances. Derek needs a great year for LSU to be good on defense and to become a first rounder in next years NFL draft. Geaux Tigers!

Mi piace

Thank you for reading brother!!! GEAUX TIGERS

Mi piace

After last year’s issues and performance level of the defense, Derek needs to concentrate on defense. Let’s concentrate on getting our defense back on track. LSU has enough receivers to be productive. GeaTiTigers!

Mi piace
Risposta a

I like it Scott!!

Mi piace
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