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Updated: May 31, 2021



Rarely do we highlight young high school players from the next cycle before their time, as we feel so many kids are being overlooked in the present class as it is...

....however.... when you're as gifted as Tackett Curtis...we make exceptions.

One of the fastest rising names of the 2023 class, Many High's explosive safety Tackett Curtis has burst on to the scene after a phenomenal sophomore season. Leading his school to the 2A State Championship (coached by his uncle Jess Curtis), Tackett pulled off one play after another beyond his youth.

The Northwestern Louisiana safety is no slight sophomore either...

Standing at a long 6'2, Curtis is also thickening at a quicker rate than many sophomores (205 pounds) and when combined with his frenzied instinctual play, flying around with zero regard for skill position humanity, the Many safety is a human missile crisis for every offensive coordinator to game plan against.

When I mean fly to the ball, I'm only barely using hyperbole...