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LONN: First off sir, thank you very much for joining us, I wanna ask you how you all are feeling right now about the upcoming NFL Draft? What's it been like?

TERRACE SR: Oh man, it's been...it's been...it's been a blessing first of all, it's a feeling you know you've never had before...you've always....you know you get to a school like LSU or NFLSU...they call it that because a lot of players go leave LSU and go off into the NFL, so you know we've kinda just been in line, kinda just been waiting...waiting patiently, cause you know God had other plans for him at the next level.

It's been one of those things where it's been a process, but it's been a wonderful feeling man, I can tell you that, a great feeling as you just watch him prepare for the next level.

LONN: Which specific NFL teams have reached out to you about Terrace Jr?

TERRACE SR: I think we heard from all of 'em.

LONN: Which team does your family prefer he go to?

TERRACE SR: Whichever one picks him, brother. Wherever he land, it's all in God's hand.

LONN: Has there been any legendary former Tiger pros who've given your son advice or kinda put their arm around him and said "hey, this is what you should expect during the NFL Draft phase"?

TERRACE SR: Oh yeah, well you know he's friends with Justin Jefferson, he had another guy, I think it was Josh Reed, a receiver from LSU who gave him some great advice; he got great advice from a few other guys.

That's the thing about LSU wide receivers, they always come back and give the younger guys advice to take them on the same path.

LONN: What about Terrace's upbringing has brought him to this day? What has strengthened him most?

TERRACE SR: He came up working real hard as a kid. He's always been different.... he's always been just set aside...he's always been a hard worker, he always stays focused; he's always been an obedient child...so you know, he's been training for this process his whole life.

I remember when he was a kid, I wouldn't even let him get a bicycle because I didn't want nothing to happen to him, I didn't want him to break his knee...because I always knew God had something for us. So you know, I've always seen his day comin'.

He's worked real hard for this day, man.

LONN: When did you first realize your son would be making this leap?

TERRACE SR: I realized when he was 4 years old.

LONN: Did you play wide receiver, too, sir?

TERRACE: Yes I did at Northwood High.

LONN: Let me guess: are all the men in your family over 6 feet?

TERRACE: Yes we are all over 6 feet.

LONN: I knew it!

You mention God, what role did faith play in your son's rise, his ability to overcome injuries... do you think it gives him an edge?

his mother Moeshia to his left, Terrace Jr in the middle and Terrace Sr to the right.

TERRACE: Yeah I really do, I think so man, I do, he's been through so much.

All the things he's been through are things people give up on all the time, but he came out stronger every time, so that made him know....

...like his logo, his brand "Meant To Be" just goes to show that everything he does, after he comes out of his trials and tribulations, he comes out even better.

So, that just let him know that everything he had going for him was meant to be, you know?

So... that had a strong hold on him, ya know, going through all the trials and tribulations, man, just comin' up, that's a big part of his faith.

LONN: He's got that humble, quiet vibe to him... has he always been quiet?


LONN: Does he ever get loud and crazy in private?

TERRACE SR: Never, never, not even in private. He's a different...he's a different animal, man, he's a special one.

LONN: Back in his high school days, LSU were going for him hard of course, Louisiana-native, 5 star, can you take me back to that process on how the Tigers were able to get his signature?

TERRACE SR: I'm going to tell you, before he committed to LSU they were always known to run the football. But Terrace...he had faith...he prayed about it and God had showed him if he had faith and believed, then they were going to throw the football.

And when they told him they were going to throw the football, he believed it.

And when he signed with LSU, the rest was history.

We can all see that the 2019 team was the top passing team and so you know.... everything was just fate.

LONN: Wow...that's a crazy story about the 2019 team I hadn't heard yet.

Your family had a wild journey in 2019 watching your son win a title, how did that feel for you as a father?