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Finally getting the ball for more than a single target, Jack Bech reminded everyone just how much of a game-changer he really is, looking awfully good throughout Saturday night doing it.

Over the course of this past week, LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly made sure QBs Jayden Daniels & Garrett Nussmeier fed Jack the football and on Saturday, true to his word, Daniels & Nuss found Jack for 7 total targets, catching 6 passes, resulting in 43 yards (37 after the catch).

Still not even close to the optimum receiving production we expected from our offense this fall, Bech still made each catch or target count.

Running strong routes, grinding for yards, or for one example, a familiar sight from 2021: Jack simultaneously fighting through 5 defenders....all 5 needing one another to get Bech on the ground.

But what made Bech's biggest game of 2022 so special?

His 76 yard punt return touchdown that never was....

At a time when a lifeless LSU were desperate for a spark, Jack Bech pulled off the most electrifying play of the game:

In what was the moment of the night for most Tiger fans, called back or not, Bech received a punt at the lip of his own 24 yard line; With oncoming pressure arriving fast, Jack shifted to his left before racing away centrally from a leaping Lobo's outstretched arms, breaking away from the tackle with ease.

Now moving to his right, Jack juked past two diving defenders, sending them sprawling into each other as #80 navigated his way horizontally; Turning up field, tip-toeing down the sideline away from a tackle, Bech glided into the end zone, breathlessly celebrating with his teammates.

It was a moment of pure Tiger magic which some may be overlooking because of the flag...a penalty which wasn't just a shocking call, Kolbe Fields' supposed "blindside block" didn't play a role in the play at all.

I don't even want to talk about the horrific refereeing call which removed this transcendental play from the scoreboard or stat column.

Instead, let's focus on the reality here:

As he showcased through the entirety of his debut season in 2021, Jack Bech is damn near impossible to stop with the ball headed his way or in his hands.

There is no question: LSU's offense will be immeasurably better thanks to his week 4 revival.



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