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Updated: Oct 7, 2021



Only days after this very site crowned Howard as one of the greatest ever quarterbacks to come out of the state of Louisiana, the #1 QB from 2022's class took the field vs Ruston, aiming to continue right where he left off from the week prior, haunting the Neville High defense with one breathtaking play after another.

Against Neville, Howard seemed to take his game to a further ascendancy we hadn't fathomed:

One play was reminiscent of Mahomes, another like a raw, early career Tom Brady defying Belichick's conservative fears, then Howard pulled out some Rodgers-esque passing abilities before finishing off his all world display with a near invincible Steve McNair-esque rushing TD, breaking through every tackler or defender no matter their size...

Although St Thomas More started the season under .500, Coach Hightower's squad had a major chance in any game as long as Walker stood in the backfield.

But things were far from easy vs fact, they went from frustrating to scary:

Despite trading touchdowns throughout a molten shootout, during the 3rd quarter....the unexpected happened:

When Walker dashed for Ruston's 5 yard line, he was tackled towards the sideline...and that's when it happened...

Howard was smashed by low hits and as defenders grasped his legs, he fell awkwardly and went down in a heap of pain....his left leg unable to take any pressure or weight while pulsating with pain.

Immediately, both his St Thomas More teammates and Ruston opponents all knew something was desperately wrong; the trainers rushed on to the field and minutes later, Walker was helped up, gingerly walking off the field....visibly in horrific pain.

With aims of a third straight STM state title and a fourth straight trip to the title game at stake, Walker hailed as yet another one of Lafayette's fabled football prodigies, the entire sidelines fell into a deep hush....knowing this could be bad...

As he was helped off the field, you could see the anguish on Walker's face as he held his head high among the crowd's applause, showing some intense emotion.

#15's tears weren't from the was his full understanding of the game itself, knowing that nothing is for certain, wondering is this the moment, is that the this going to be the last time I step on a field for St Thomas More?

Immediately taken to a local hospital, STM had to continue for another quarter and a half without their lead man, all while his health hung in the balance....

Their on field results weren't promising.

After STM's defense surrendered their second 50+ point game to an opponent from 5 contests, Coach Jim Hightower's club lost 51-27 to Ruston....

....without Walker, the Cougars may be lucky if they get into the postseason at all...

Allowing all but one of their first 5 opponents to score at least 28 points, St Thomas More's defense have major woes....issues Howard's thunderstruck arm and fantasia legwork may have only just alleviated.

Suddenly, there was a turn of the tables:

Following his trip to the hospital on Friday night and the immense amount of pain going through Walker's left leg, many....including myself...started to fear the worst: an ACL? A broken tibia? A broken leg completely?

But the news from his scans wasn't as dramatic, turning out to be far more positive for Walker, his family and everyone who supports the young man:

Diagnosed as a fractured left fibula, the injury should keep the LSU Legacy quarterback out for only 5-6 weeks, while Howard also narrowly escapes the surgeon's table.

Intriguingly, STM have 5 games left of the regular season.....could Walker be back in time for the first or second round of the playoffs?

First, they need to worry about qualifying for postseason play without their wunderkind quarterback.

Replacing Howard is damn near impossible, and all you have to do is put on the film to understand why:

If last Friday was indeed the final time high school football witnesses Walker Howard, that in and of itself will be a tragedy for Walker and every football fan, but if the Ruston defeat turned out to be Howard's last stand as a St Thomas More Cougar, he will be heading to Louisiana State University as one of the most elite high school QBs around the Bayou this century.

He would also be leaving behind a lot of football as STM's starter, only starting 1 full season and 5 games of another (due to the elder QB Caleb Holstein's grasp on the starting job during 2018-19);

During his STM career, he snagged two state titles, one as a backup and last year's unforgettable fireworks alongside current Tigers Jack Bech, Joshua Billedeaux and Carter Arceneaux.

Still, in a mere 33 appearances and just 15 starts (without counting the Ruston stats, which are unknown right now), Walker racked up 4,474 yards, 50 TDs and just 7 INTs....a remarkable, staggering achievement which will take some topping.

Regardless of the debates over his legacy, the arguments can wait:

Walker may not even be done as a St Thomas More Cougar just yet...




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SHOUTOUTS: Walker, you've got this! We are with you every step of the way!


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Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Oct 06, 2021

Walker is special !!!


Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Oct 06, 2021

150% to the both of you! Louis and Kevin!!!!!!!!! Always on it!!!!!


Kevin Howell
Kevin Howell
Oct 06, 2021

Hope he heals properly and returns with a vengeance whether it be for prep football or the college scene.


What a terrific leader as well as athlete. LSU nation is relieved that this injury will not be a long term issue for him.

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