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LSU talked a lot about institutional failure, they talked a lot about getting it right, they talked about the "proper tone of leadership" and more, yet when it came down to doing something...acting...making a firm decision, the university we love disappointed us:

Executive Deputy Assistant Athletic Director and LSU football legend Verge Ausberry was only given a 30 day suspension without pay, some sexual violence classes and that's it ..... Senior Associate AD / Sr Woman Miriam Segar received a 21 day suspension without pay and some sexual violence classes...both for their inability to report Title IX violations against former players.

No one was punished to the degree the crimes deserved...and if LSU thought they could dole out these softball punishments and this would go away, they're fools.

The meeting opened with Caroline Schroeder destroying LSU's Board of Directors, saying she said: "I hope I've insulted you today...because if the fleeting insulting feeling you feel is even close to the pain we went through..."

If you didn't know Caroline Schroeder before, you will now:

Showing the gravity of each individual story, Caroline Schroeder was one of two LSU students who were groped against their will during a single bus trip by an unnamed LSU football player, giving the women bruises on their breasts during violent attacks, pinning each woman up against the bus windows. The trip came after an LSU event in New Orleans, though one becomes sickened when finding out a bus became the arena for an alleged assault. In public view, at least slightly you'd think, this former player attacked both women on the bus, one of them being the brave Caroline Schroeder who brought the Board of Directors to their knees in shame.

And that shocking, stirring double-assault case was just one of many....but when the lights were brightest, as the victims & the world were watching, the University weren't prepared for responsibility today:

"I tried to be fair to all involved," President Tom Galligan said, seemingly going on and on about the rights of the accused. Of course, innocent until proven guilty, obviously...yet the more Galligan (as well as HB's Schneider) continued to repeat these concessions to alleged perpetrators, it became clear what the outcome would be....the results would be far from anywhere close to fair or just.

Frankly, today's Board Meeting at LSU was a farce.

In possession of a report that shows 9 different Title IX violators (ALL FORMER TIGERS) with the details of their despicable actions, the who, the where, the when...a constant pattern of indifference, silence or even reporting intimidation from LSU's Miles-era higher-ups contained within, Les Miles' never-ending sexism and harassment, Executive Assistant Athletic Director Verge Ausberry protecting rapist / domestic abuser Drake Davis, this section also displayed a heavy tie to Baton Rouge businessman Jim Bernhard's pseudo-adoption of Davis.

In respect to the degree this was all covered up by Ausberry at least and the abundant conflicts of interest across the board, President Galligan had a duty to remove Ausberry from his job today...not because people must lose their jobs, not because there's a bloodthirsty quest for vengeance, but because it's the right thing to do.

The allegations against Ausberry don't stop there either, with some LSU employees witnessing Ausberry screaming, cursing and hollering at Recruiting Coordinator Sharon Lewis, freaking out at her over her persistence to report Title IX violations. Sharon Lewis even reported this harassment that she herself experienced, Ausberry & Miriam Segar trying to bully her into silence and meeting her every report with resistance.

Most moments, the four words "lack of institutional control" enter my mind when I read this report, see this Board of Directors and understand the scope of their complacency & calculated dismissal of violence against women...and as an LSU fan who loves this team, loves this university, that fact stings.....deep....I expected Galligan to reject the Miles / Alleva / Alexander era and instead he proved he's well and truly apart of it.

We explore it all further here in a psychedelic transfer of mediums within the same thing...this geauxs deep..



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