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Updated: May 17, 2022



Out of Chillicothe, Ohio, 2024 tight end Tayvion Galloway visited Baton Rouge early in Spring among LSU's most talked about national guests.

Highly prized as a future tight end prospect for Brian Kelly / Mike Denbrock's tight ends-based offense, Galloway is without a doubt marked as a major LSU priority early in his recruiting process.....and Head Coach Brian Kelly has made that fact abundantly clear from the outset.

Standing at 6'6 just under 230 lbs, Galloway caught 192 yards and 3 TDs within a run-heavy offense at Unioto High (before transferring to Chillicothe), bruising edge rushers and battling along the front with his OL teammates first and foremost.

Getting the basics of his position down, Galloway should be utilized more heavily in the passing game over his final two high school seasons, appearing to possess all the trademark tools of a hybrid tight end prodigy at his size & skill.

I spoke to Tayvion about his time visiting at LSU, talking with the Tigers' staff, his faith, the top teams recruiting him, and much much more.

LONN: How you doin?!

TAYVION: Good to meet you. I’m doing well.

LONN: I'm going to run right out of the gate with this: which school or schools do you feel are after you most?

TAYVION: LSU, Michigan and Cincy.

LONN: Wait a minute, Ohio State isn't pursuing you?

TAYVION: Osu is recruiting me but I’ll leave it at that (laughs). And yeah I loved it when I was in the Boot, I can’t wait until this summer.

LONN: Leave it at that? Whatcha mean?

TAYVION: Yea I’ll keep it short on them (laughs) I like Ohio State, but that’s that. And yes, June I’ll be there for a two day span (16th-17th), should be a great time.

LONN: What impressed you most during your first LSU visit?

TAYVION: My family fell in love.

I got to meet coach Brian Kelly, Coach PK (Patrick Kelly, Brian's son), Coach Malone and many others. I met just about everyone on the staff when I visited.

LONN: Your family fell in love!! 💜💛💜💛 love right back at em!!! What was it about LSU (the situation, the surroundings, the weekend) that made it happen?

TAYVION: Well we got to hangout personally with everyone watched basketball game and see the environment.

LONN: I know it's early days, but in the limited time with the staff, how would you rate Patrick Kelly as a tight ends specialist?

TAYVION: I would rate him a solid 8/10 for now haha he’s a real good guy easy to relate with.

LONN: That's really cool because a lot of LSU fans didn't know BK's fam are on staff. He's very much on the same page with how his father uses tight ends?

Also, how did LSU's offensive staff, every guy you spoke with, describe how the Tigers would be using TEs?

TAYVION: Just like they did at Notre Dame.

LONN: What makes you the best tight end of 2024?

TAYVION: Because I’m much more mature and much more athletic than anyone in the nation. And stay firm with my faith and God is rewarding me for that.

LONN: I've asked many athletes this question before, do you feel your faith gives you an edge?

TAYVION: Yes, easily. I pray before every game and sometimes before a big drive.

LONN: Earlier you named Harbaugh's Michigan as a team recruiting you the most. What makes Michigan right up at the top?

TAYVION: I don’t have a top list but they just have recruited me really hard, too.

LONN: If you could describe LSU's new staff under Brian Kelly in one word, what would you use???

TAYVION: Phenomenal.

LONN: What is the one word you'd use to describe your thoughts on LSU this early in your process?

TAYVION: Noteworthy.

LONN: What is your biggest personal goal right now, on or off the field?

TAYVION: In life ? Or for this coming year?

LONN: Gimme both!

TAYVION: Life goal- create generational wealth.

Goals for this year- Completely dominate and leave no question I am the best TE in the nation, while helping my team to a playoff birth.

LONN: Do you think your role in the offense will expand this next year as a junior?

TAYVION: Well I transferred (from Unioto to Chillicothe) and this coach at Chillicothe is running a true spread so yea I do think so. And I’ll be playing defense again this year, too.

LONN: Playing defensive end?


LONN: Oooo! How do you think playing there will help with your development at TE? Is TE the future for you or defense?

TAYVION: Tight end! And I don't know, I’m just playing it to help my team. And to bust some heads.

LONN: You have a plan for how you want your process to go down, you and your family?

TAYVION: We will see how it goes. Just enjoying it.



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He is right to be somewhat noncommittal so early in his recruiting process, but he, and his family, have obviously found a lot to like at LSU. Geaux!

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