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Following whispers about former Lancaster High star Tre Bradford entering the transfer portal, we're now hearing the Texas-native running back is making the move.

From both an LSU and Oklahoma Sooners' source, I'm hearing the running back has entered the portal, with Oklahoma as a likely destination.

This just goes to show some coaches never stop recruiting certain players...or, if they missed on a guy, they can take their chance at redemption now through the transfer portal.

In a stacked running back room, Tre Bradford still had plenty of chances to show his best last season, catching a clutch lead-taking touchdown on 3rd and goal vs Florida to name one of his fine plays....but when Corey Kiner, Armoni Goodwin arrive on campus behind the two frontrunners Ty Davis-Price and John Emery Jr, coupled with Josh Williams (who played well last year in spots and during his many Spring reps) among others, the RB room may have seemed to be swaying away from his favor in his eyes....but not in mine.

I think Bradford should stay at LSU and fight for a spot: in this Jake Peetz offense, his "take it to the limit" pace and next level athleticism could be deployed in a whole new light.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we can confirm.



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SHOUTOUTS: Tre Bradford is an amazing young man as well as football player. I think he'll be an elite running back if given an opportunity, it's just sad it may not be here at LSU. Tre, if you're leaving, we wish you nothing but love & to rise above; If you're staying, we say LET'S GEAUX

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