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As January 2nd and February's last chance recruiting signing events arrive thick and fast, with Orgeron's LSU staff also needing 5 places filled, this brilliant 2021 class already has an elite establishment at its core from QB Garrett Nussmeier, DT Maason Smith, S/WR/RET Sage "Flash" Ryan, WR Chris Hilton and RB Corey Kiner among a bevy of 5 and 4 star talents....however, only one OL has signed on for the Tigers thus far, the extraordinary, physically aggressive and versatile Garrett Dellinger, cruelly underrated by Geaux247 who rated him a 4 star...

While surgically omnipotent 5 star #1 overall O-lineman Tristan Leigh remains the Tigers #1 priority overall, James Cregg wants to surround Tristan with young men just like him who can boost one another, compliment each other's talents and create a dynastic wall alongside a few of LSU's fantastic upperclass linemen who will return for 2021 (Deculus looking like he might come back, center Liam Shanahan was expected to and will, although losing junior "left guard maximus" / "Mr. Evernasty" Ed Ingram to the NFL would be a big loss...more on Ingram tomorrow...

Whether Deculus or Ingram stay doesn't change the simple fact:

Cregg getting the incoming offensive line right is a critical, mandatory element for competing against Alabama for the next few seasons: the young men signing now will pay massive dividends on the field for LSU's 2021 unit.

Alongside Tristan Leigh, James Cregg is pursuing Florida State commit Kimo Makaneole, a lengthy (6'4), bulky (285) avenger at guard from Niceville, Florida. Kimo attended a few LSU games at the end of the 2020 season and was extremely impressed by what he witnessed, experienced and felt during his night inside Death Valley.

It wasn't perfect from LSU's 2020 squad vs Florida or Ole Miss, but both games Kimo saw his future teammates battling like their very lives were on the line...and of course, no matter what the odds, LSU won both games.

Many believe there's no way he'll back off from Florida State to become a Tiger (Geaux247 describe his LSU interest as "Cool"), yet I feel we may be in for the coolest shocker of the season if Kimo Makaneole wears the purple and gold...

Could Kimo FLIP?


If he chose the Tigers, his move would definitely continue a burgeoning Polynesians to the NFL culture within LSU's football program, roster and the greater Baton Rouge community that excites this fan as well as many of my LSU friends as well (The Fehoko family led by Breiden, Soni Fonua, former 2019-2020 Tiger and current Baylor NT Apu Ika).

Continuing in this same O-line obsessive vein, Cregg is also wanting to surround Dellinger and Leigh at tackle with Kimo Makaneole on the inside alongside either Chaisen Hines, Marlon Martinez, potentially Kardell Thomas or Anthony Bradford...yet there's another extremely exciting option.

Just as Kimo would continue the Polynesian culture at LSU, so would Snow College's (by way of Australia) versatile OT Jordan Moko out of Ephraim, Utah; Moko would be continuing a Utah + LSU theme here as well (former safeties coach Bill Busch, former OC Gary Crowton, current DL/LB Soni Fonua & former DT Apu Ika were all from Utah or had extreme ties; the Fehoko family also had relatives in the Beehive State).

Jordan Moko is a fantastic uber-talent, ranked by Geaux247 JUCO as the #1 ranked junior college offensive tackle, a potentially exciting addition to load up on the future offensive line.

They're right to rank him #1....Moko shows an extremely rare speed in his pulling movement, perhaps an indication he may need to bulk up a bit more for the SEC (thus lowering his speed a tad) however if he's this fast now, just think how quick Moko could become under strength and conditioning master Tommy Moffitt or Super Bowl / National Championship / Joe Moore Award-winning offensive line coach James Cregg???

So, when you look at the spots remaining for LSU's 2021 class, LSU has 20 current signees, another who's for sure going to sign alongside his legendary St. James High senior class (#1 overall DE Savion Jones), hopefully we're able to convince Raesjon Davis of we're talking 22, then perhaps if Tristan Leigh joins the Tigers, LSU's 2021 class stacks to 23.

With the final two spots, LSU should try for local dynamo Brian Thomas at all costs, but since the illustrious, at times elusive #1 wide out seems to be a 50/50 call at this point (either LSU or A&M), why not try and build a dynasty of O-linemen at the last twilight of this 2021 class, right at the death...

First, James Cregg went up to Clarkston, Michigan in January and February for Garrett Dellinger's signature, snagging the priceless commitment of this cycle's best Midwestern O-lineman; now, if Cregg can earn the signatures of Tristan Leigh, then Kimo Makaneole, finished off by the huge prospect from Utah / Australia, Jordan Moko, then LSU's 2021 O-line would stand toe to toe against Bama's 2021 group...rankings be damned...

LEIGH, MOKO, SHANAHAN, HINES / KARDELL / BRADFORD, DELLINGER could be a formidable testimony of savagery in the trenches, and we're not even considering the return of greats Deculus & Ingram...this 2021 unit would be a real barnburner of aggressive brutality and touchdown-paving heroics, especially when you look at that priceless LSU quarterbacks room for 2021 and you know, whoever starts will win games if given half of a chance (2021 pillar Garrett Nussmeier, Myles Brennan, Max Johnson, T.J Finley perhaps (???? status uncertain)....

I think it's geaux time...all systems geaux...




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