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Updated: Jun 14, 2021




Appearing at Camp Hardy with an updated all business, mean machine look to his 2021 aura, Ty knows LSU's starting running back position is there for the taking.

Accordingly, it's the biggest summer in TDP's life, not only with a crucial "money year" upon him heading into his third season (keep in mind every player's extra season of eligibility), Ty is also about to undergo a positive life change which will provide a major sense of purpose for the National Champion running back (You'll see what we mean soon enough, that's his news to break).

Throughout 2019, Ty's freshman year was monstrous, grabbing 6 TDs as he backed up Clyde Edwards-Helaire from the bench (including a game winning 32 yard score vs #9 Florida).

Still, Ty was relegated to the shadows by analysts, many of whom expected John Emery to take over in year two. A local Destrehan 5 star who committed after a last minute flip from Georgia, John Emery flashed but mostly struggled throughout 2019 or 2020, both backs battling in vain through a porous offensive line.

While LSU's rushing game was largely absent last year, Ty's influence on team victories loomed larger than Emery (Arkansas, South Carolina, his 65 first half yards vs Florida) and his impact more reliable (4.2 yards per carry)....frankly, if you watch the 2020 tape, there's six or seven 100+ yards games for Ty or John dangling out there....LSU just never had the offensive line to help.

While large gaps existed beyond the opposition defensive line, Ty was too busy repeatedly dancing away from would-be tacklers deep within his own backfield. Regardless, he found a way to constantly make the first tackler miss, bouncing it outside with rising pace or weaving his way through the opposition interior with smart vision, expert balance and bruising punishment for anyone in his way.

He doesn't run for his life....he runs to take yours.

Dropping 15 pounds this spring, assuming control of LSU's starting spot as he battled through an ankle injury, turning up in photos and videos hanging out with a wide range of Tigers (from Eli Ricks to John Emery or freshman Jack Bech), as well as pulling in a strong performance during the Spring Game for all to see, Ty has finally seen his name receive a few more mentions.

Recently seen in photos at Offensive Coordinator Jake Peetz's home for dinner, where he also took selfies arm in arm with Kevin Faulk, it feels as if the staff are already comfortable with the idea of TDP starting to begin 2021.

Now that LSU has made the move to grab OL Coach Brad Davis, a former Southern Lab assistant (TDP's alma mater), I feel the stars are aligning for a big year from Ty.

To quote the eternal Radiohead, everything is falling in its right place:

Despite the love Ty had for former OL Coach James Cregg, LSU now possess an offensive line guru on staff; An OL mastermind who not only provides an upgrade concerning schemes and development, I'm betting he'll understand Ty as a running back and person through their shared background.

Peetz is also an offensive coordinator who fully believes in Ty as the starter....

#3 also holds the respect of every Tiger on roster.....he's forged relationships with sophomore QB Max Johnson, the offensive linemen, holds a good friendship with fellow back John, Davis-Price has more than earned the trust of RBs Coach Kevin Faulk.....

Ty may not record 17 rushing touchdowns like Clyde pulled off a few years ago.......

Perhaps due to Emery and the freshmen duo's presence TDP won't receive enough carries to top Edwards-Helaire's 1,414 yards on the ground, either....but TDP doesn't have to repeat 2019 in order for LSU to win another title: he probably won't need to score 4 TDs for us to beat Alabama and he won't need to dominate the entire SEC in order to jettison his name up the NFL Draft board....

He just has to be 2021 Ty Davis-Price and the scoring, the yards, the domination and the NFL future will all follow.



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