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LONN: What's up Big Stunner?! When do you think you will make your college announcement?!

TYREE: Early August possibly.

LONN: As a New Orleans native, playing for St Augustine High, how much does repping your home state mean to you?

TYREE: It means a lot to me and to my city!

LONN: Will playing at home play a big role in your commitment?

TYREE: Not really, but it is cool to think about.

LONN: Ty, which school or schools are fighting hardest for you?

TYREE: LSU, Ole Miss and Florida.

LONN: What are you liking most about LSU and what they can offer you??

TYREE: I love the way they want the in-state guys there, they show consistent love everyday. They can offer a lot not just on the football field, but as well as academically.

LONN: How is LSU able to make academics a big draw for top recruits like you? Usually we just hear about the football, but now top recruits such as you are talking about academics when it comes to LSU.

TYREE: I take academics very seriously so with them presenting that lets me know student is before athlete.

LONN: It's all about giving young men & women the most options. What are your impressions of Coach Brad Davis?

TYREE: He is a great coach that keeps it 100 with me everytime we talk.

LONN: He's done it all! Many forget he won a National title with OU in 2000, too!

When you're recruited by Coach Davis and then say another OL Coach from some other school after, is there a noticeable difference between the coaches???

TYREE: Somewhat. I can tell the little differences but for the most part it is the same.

LONN: What's the #1 thing you are looking for in a school & coach recruiting you?

TYREE: Somewhere I feel loved and can play as soon as possible.

LONN: What does it mean to represent a school with such heritage like St Augustine?

TYREE: It means a lot, due to the fact of the standard we hold here and how previous alumni has carried theyself!

LONN: Have you ever met Lenny (Leonard Fournette) or Tyrann Mathieu (both LSU and St Augustine High legends)???

TYREE: Yes sir, I have met both. It was good they talked with the team.

LONN: Has Frank Wilson or Coach Hankton played a role in your recruitment?

TYREE: Yes sir, being St. Aug alums they really help me navigate through a lot, because they have been through it.



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