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- LSU Odyssey has intel that Le'veon Moss's commitment to Alabama is slipping fast.

Will the Tigers take two running backs, maybe even 3? Would they accept Moss back after he headed off to Saban's Crimson Tide?

He's a remarkable talent, things are still up in the air...we'll see here soon.

- Emery Jones is on track to commit to LSU on 7/30, with no change in his mindset heading into the announcement. Jones looks to be LSU's 3rd OL commit of the class already, joining 5 star #1 OL Will Campbell & underrated savage Bo Bordelon.

- Matt Moscona of 104.5 ESPN's "After Further Review" said that he has information lining up Quency Wiggins with an LSU commitment.

We must have the same source, Matty Ice.

Our source told us it's "a matter of time until Quency commits to LSU", adding that "he's been hanging out with Christian LaCouture, too, he's been hanging around plenty of Tigers, former or current."

LSU Odyssey interviewed Quency back in April, and in that interview, Wiggins revealed how close he was to the program, counting Damone Clark, Jaquelin Roy and Major Burns among others as his "close friends".

Everything is in place right now for DL Coach Andre Carter to cash in on the #1 DL prospect in America:

The relationships, the resources, the credibility, the NFL background, championship contention, LSU's state of the art facilities, daily professional grade stardom.....

It's all here....and regardless of how intense Alabama may have recruited him, Quency understands LSU's inherent power, especially on that Defensive Line.

"He wants to be part of history...."

Quency recently said to 247:

"I just want to be developed. Just want to be corrected. Just want to be the guy. I want to be that guy that everyone thinks of when they say that name."

Well Quency....there's nowhere else but LSU...

In 2022, LSU will lose DEs Andre Anthony and Ali Gaye, so right from the get go there's a path to the field for Wiggins, regardless of his empirical talents sending him to the front of the queue.

-I received info that Shawn Murphy really feels comfortable with Alabama at this juncture, feeling like he impressed the staff during his recent visit & workout.

The 215 pound 6'2 LB may be more adept at playing strong safety than linebacker at the next level, however it appears Alabama have mapped him out as a "complimentary piece" next to Robert Woodyard.

I'm told Shawn wants to "play in red" next year.....

Even if he doesn't end up at Alabama, due to the Bama love, you have to say LSU are most likely going to lose this battle.

-Harold Perkins is still trending to LSU....I feel like Texas A&M are slipping here, though don't be mistaken, this is of course still a Tigers vs Aggies race that will be neck and neck the rest of the way.

LSU hang on to the lead here, but I wouldn't say firmly in the #1 spot just yet, although it's starting to really tilt that way.

The Tigers are about to pull ahead, not only thanks to LB Coach Blake Baker's swaggering capture of Demario Tolan proving he has "the minerals", but due to the fact Harold desires to play alongside the best defenders possible....names like Jacoby Mathews, Latterance Welch, JaDarian Rhym, Tygee Hill, as well as Sage Ryan, Derrick Davis Jr & Maason Smith from last class. not forget that this young man is a Louisiana native....born and raised in New Orleans before his family were forced to move....his Uncle Kevin is hoping he'll come back to town for 3+ years in purple & gold.



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Jamer and I have been friends since some time in Spring 2020. She started supporting my writings and commenting on their Twitter postings, but it wasn't long before she was a full blown member of our community.

Then, she became a confidante:

Now, a year of talking to her on end, she's a well entrenched friend...someone I turn to in times of darkness, someone who knows pretty much everything behind the start & continued motivations of LSU Odyssey, someone who has such an intense love for her Tigers that it's only outdone by her love for her family, someone who I hope to be like as much as I can, someone I try to learn from as much as possible, yet she's also someone who needs to stop beating herself up so much, she's someone special who needs to realize how loved and valued she is....

She's Some Kind of Wonderful!!!!!!


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Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Jul 22, 2021



Jul 22, 2021

Thank you for the birthday wishes and such a lovely shout out. You made me feel so special! ☺️

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Jul 22, 2021
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