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Enduring a pair of disjointed, injury-plagued, and overall underwhelming years at both Alabama and LSU as a freshman & red shirt freshman, former 5 star Edna Karr prospect Aaron Anderson was never supposed to experience this kind of trajectory.

Not only was the New Orleans area native always expected to begin and end his collegiate story wearing purple and gold, Anderson's late 2021 flip to Alabama was an unthinkable disappointment at the time...for both LSU and the state of Louisiana.

Once again, LSU were allowing another superstar Louisiana receiver to leave the state and wear crimson for Captain Ahab...

A stalwart of Coach Ed Orgeron's 2022 recruiting class, Anderson would decommit from the Tigers right after news broke of Orgeron's firing, with LSU powerless to make a meaningful move for the 5 star during that period of intense transition (November 2021-February 2022).

At Alabama, Anderson and another wantaway former LSU commit, Jo Jo Earle, should've made a dent in the Tide's receiving rotation, however, Earle was stuck in a special teams-only role, while Anderson suffered a knee injury & barely played a snap for Alabama across the entirety of 2022....featuring in just 1 single play vs Austin Peay....0 targets, 0 yards, 0 TDs....

Cruelly misused by Saban for his entire freshman ride, as well as frustrated by his knee injury, Aaron Anderson swiftly entered the portal.

LSU WRs Coach Cortez Hankton didn't hesitate and pounced, signing Anderson within days....and by January 2023, the Edna Karr playmaker was bringing it all back home in a sensational flip back to his home state Tigers....

Many expected immediate glory from Anderson, packed within Hankton's 2023 receiving room, a unit which has now become one of the greatest in LSU history.

Behind the eight ball on arrival, still recovering from his serious knee problem, Anderson quickly fell behind other established Tigers on roster; Malik Nabers, Brian Thomas Jr and Kyren Lacy became the power trio Mike Denbrock's #1 overall national leading offense would repeatedly feed & rely upon for the majority of 2023.

Utilizing his pace and power in the return game, former special teams coaches John Jancek & Bob Diaco placed Anderson as the starting kick and punt returner heading into Week 1 vs Florida State. But in that pivotal opener vs the Seminoles, his first game wearing the purple and gold, Aaron made a special teams blunder that would cost him future opportunities that fall.

Fumbling on a key return that helped Florida State seize control of the game, Aaron, a veteran returner who often made brilliant plays on special teams during his high school years, couldn't hide his disappointment & stunned shock.

Worst of all, his rare offensive snaps meant Anderson couldn't atone for his earlier fumble by making plays on the field.....left to watch from the sidelines for most plays as four other receivers took the field ahead of him.

Receiving just 17 targets his way, catching 12 passes for 59 yards, Anderson couldn't generate any chemistry with Heisman QB Jayden Daniels, constantly misreading his quarterback.

In fact, it felt like the few errant throws throughout Daniels' successful Heisman campaign arose when he targeted Anderson.

I believe there are a few reasons which point out exactly why Anderson's first year at LSU was lukewarm:

The knee injury and transfer, following a year in the football wilderness at Alabama, left a mark, as these things do, it was always a bit extreme to expect Anderson to hit the ground running. Plus, when he wasn't among the clique of receivers who worked, improved, and built a chemistry alongside JD5 for 2 straight seasons, he could only feed on leftovers.

Spring 2024....much has changed for Anderson:

Now utilized as Joe Sloan / Cortez Hankton's first team slot receiver during camp, catching passes in rhythm with QB Garrett Nussmeier, running crisper routes, and utilized across the formation or even from the backfield, Anderson is being offered an opportunity to become an LSU Legend....such are his bountiful athletic gifts.

Within Sloan / Hankton's 2024 offense, Anderson could be (and should be) that much needed wild card weapon.

Strong at quarterback, inside the trenches, as well as receiver, though thin at running back, Anderson's multi-faceted brilliance at the slot or when in motion would greatly expand LSU's offensive playbook; We could see the former Edna Karr speedster moved around the entirety of LSU's offensive formation....imagine Early Doucet crossed with Percy Harvin....the perfect weapon to make up for the loss of Jayden Daniels & Nabers / Thomas Jr's explosive playmaking.


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This human missile has everything it takes to wreak havoc. I hope his injuries are behind him and he becomes Our elusive water bug in the mold of a Percy Harvin.

Replying to

He could be special, Louis. I wanna see AA fully unleashed. The song unchained by Van Halen comes to mind when I watch his highlights from Edna Karr. I much has that knee slowed him down??? He had a disgusting burst that made the first man completely miss automatically every time.

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