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Yet another member of the stacked 2021 class, red shirt junior Chris Hilton Jr could always call upon his blinding track champion speed and defining clutch moments (state title winning TD at Zachary & 81 yard score to end 2022 Texas Bowl), although due to injuries in each of his first two seasons at LSU, he hasn't been able to put it all together.

But after some bold developments this offseason, 2023 could be Hilton Jr's year.

If he hasn't lost a step of that searing pace, if he can build on the added muscle and strength he's gained throughout the offseason, and if he can win the roster battles against Thomas Jr, Anderson, Lacy etc, or at least prove he can be a strong compliment, Chris could cause some havoc with the football in his hands.

Even as the 4th or 5th receiver on the depth chart, it'll be a tall order for Hilton Jr to snag a starting or key rotational spot within LSU's 12 personnel based offensive setup.....but there's a caveat:

Since Brian Kelly and Mike Denbrock don't appear too thrilled with their options at tight end (outside of Mason Taylor), 2023 may be a season where LSU relies more on their deep cavalcade of receiving expansion which may supply Chris Hilton Jr an opportunity to showcase his electric abilities on the biggest stages.

As fall camp nears, Chris understands every moment of preparation, every practice rep, and every upcoming snap will count towards achieving his goals.....with every moment being critical for success.

Like many second or third year Tigers on roster, 2023 is a big season for Hilton Jr's football which could turn out to be the spark that ignites his future.

Will he capitalize on the opportunities that come his way?

Will LSU QB Jayden Daniels and offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock count on Hilton Jr as a consistent feature of the Tigers' passing game?

Over the next month and during the games to follow, we're about to find out exactly what Hilton Jr is made of....

....don't bet against him.....


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I have tremendous respect for this young man. He has stuck with us during some tough physical times. We can only hope we see his best. I know he has blazing speed. I am not sure of his route running and in traffic catching abilities.

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