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A one time 2025 prospect, Trinity Christian QB Colin Hurley's rise to the Elite 11 finals showcase isn't just impressive due to his younger age: Hurley displayed a never-say-die willingness to improve each rep, even as he stood out as the youngest quarterback among the 20 participants.

Following a year where Hurley surged up the recruiting rankings, committed to LSU in a high profile move, jumped ahead & reclassified as part of the 2024 class, and continued to produce brilliance on the field this past fall, Colin can now add Top Performer as an Elite 11 quarterback to his ever-thickening resume.

Taking place in Redondo Beach, California over the weekend, Colin participated in 3 days of quarterbacking competition alongside the other top QBs in the nation, chosen and assembled by the Elite 11 committee.

Day 1 featured a structured set of quarterback drills, Day 2 was based around pro day style drills and throwing sessions (involving on-site college QBs moonlighting as camp counselors, per tradition....Jayden Daniels & Garrett Nussmeier were both counselors), and Day 3 would cap it all off with an exhibition of 7 v 7 tournaments.

Though Hurley wasn't given the highest marks by either Elite 11's committee or many of the recruiting service analysts, he grew into the moment, improving each day, rep by rep, completing 13 of 17 attempts, and producing 4 touchdowns by the final day's 7 v 7 setting.

For a young man who shouldn't even be eligible for a place at Elite 11 yet, which only the reclassification made possible, Hurley held his own against consensus top 10 QBs holding an extra year of experience; Simultaneously, it seems as if scouts are struggling when it comes to judging Colin:

From my vantage point, it appears most analysts or scouts have no idea how to rank or what to expect from Hurley, simply due to his reclassification, deceptive athletic profile throwing them for a loop, and of course, recruiting service writers' paralyzing fear of writing / saying anything the mainstream would find disagreeable.

Rather than accurately judging his abilities at present, all scouts and analysts want to be right before anyone else when it comes to Colin Hurley....which is why you don't see any definitive language from any scout when discussing Hurley. They more than likely don't even understand his game.....hopelessly trying to fit him into the dual threat box unsuccessfully; Their compliments keep coming, even as they backhand any positive vibes away with brutal overall ratings or rankings, backed by confounding conclusions, constantly placing Hurley below even the most sketchy top 25 2024 QB talent.

I'm not saying Colin was the #1 QB of the 2023 Elite 11, I'm merely stating there's no way he should've placed anywhere lower than 5th at the event.

Scouts judged Hurley's footwork and mechanical rhythm as "too slow", as well as wanting him to improve on his ability to make off-platform throws outside of the pocket or when on the run.

Watching the Film, i felt these judgements were harsh, especially concerning Colin's past history making exquisite off platform completions for TCA or in 7 v 7; Plus, the idea that his footwork or progressions were "slow and unbothered", when in reality this is a young man who's demeanor has always been methodical, patient and....let's be real here....these analyst reactions were quickly based on his speed during drills...not based on his speed in live action, in-game situations.

It seemed like they were reaching...

DJ Lagway, Dylan Raiola and Colin Hurley

Of course, the Elite 11 committee honored Alabama commit Julian Sayin with the MVP prize (very much deserving), before predictably Georgia pledge Dylan Raiola took over the #2 slot, Penn State's underrated Ethan Grunkemeyer stunned onlookers in what was a nice surprise (#3), followed by Florida State's Luke Kromenhoek, then Ohio State's Air Noland, before another UGA verbal Ryan Puglisi at #6, with Hurley at #7, Hauss Hejny at #8, CJ Carr at #9 and Will Hammond at #10.

He is still a raw prospect, sure, and yet at the same time, Colin already has established intangibles that often take quarterbacks a long time, if ever, to grasp:

Willing, honest and inspirational leadership, a properly primed howitzer for a right arm, maturity ahead of most 20-somethings, intellectually in charge, professional (even at his tender age) while remaining the most eloquent teenaged athlete I've ever spoken to....





These are all just distractions and busy work for college / high school football writers to bide time and keep readership numbers at an optimum until the actual bullets start flying.....and when the action is alive again, when many won't know who to turn an LSU fan, I don't care where Colin Hurley placed on an Elite 11 ranking.....more than any other 2024 quarterback, I only care if he's in the foxhole with us wearing purple and gold.



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This is where potential gets clouded by reputation and experience. I’ll hitch my wagon to this guy every day.

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