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This past weekend, LSU's own 2024 class president Colin Hurley received his Elite 11 invitation for the finals event this summer in LA.

Alongside 5 of the best 2024 quarterbacks, including Alabama commit Julian Sayin, #1 rated QB Dylan Raiola (UGA suspicions), Winter Garden's Trever Jackson, and Saline's CJ Carr, the Tigers' keystone commitment is being recognized right where he belongs: among the best of the best.

Making the Elite 11 is no small feat when talking about a player who just reclassified last fall, jumping from 2025 to 2024; Impressively, Colin Hurley raised his game at every opportunity with Trinity Christian, at every camp or 7 v 7 event....

....despite being more or less disrespected by the rankings so far, Colin is feeling the love in 2023 & his admirers are growing by the droves each day.

Although the outside attention has increased his direction, Hurley's LSU commitment couldn't be stronger.

Ahead of his senior year, Colin Hurley is finding his profile rising ever higher, the young maverick wowing onlookers with his howitzer right arm, pocket manipulation & movement, as well as his incendiary off-platform deliveries.

As for all the attention off the field, Hurley doesn't care.

As LSU looks ahead to an exciting future where Hurley is their starting quarterback, Colin had this to say to us about his current status:

"I’m committed to trying to build the best class. Then, I’m committed to learning, leading, competing and winning."

When I asked Colin how he felt about the top 5 ranked 2023 class in comparison to his now top 10 rated 2024 group?

"I think the ‘23 Class is going to truly elevate the program and the ‘24 Class will be even better. That will add depth and be a stamp on what Coach Kelly and the staff are building. Baton Rouge is in good shape. LSU will compete and win a National Title. Death Valley will come to life. One state. Two colors. Three letters. Forever LSU."



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This young man certainly is exciting, not only for his talent, but his great attitude and confidence.

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