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A salacious story regarding Coach Orgeron has become cannon fodder for many LSU upperclassmen Tigers:

WBRZ's Matt Trent reported that Orgeron brought "multiple girlfriends to practices, interfering in practices, and letting their children take part in drills".

It took 72 hours, but after Orgeron right hand man Derek Ponamsky mobilized the seniors and Orgeron faithful on roster, they began retweeting Trent's post, with their own thoughts added.

Myles Brennan, Andre Anthony, Neil Farrell Jr were among those who bashed Trent's reporting as "fake news"....let me throw in some verified claims I've heard over the past 3 months which might point to where Trent went wrong.

I had heard, and I have said this before in multiple Odcasts, postgame shows and articles (which I'll dig through to find) a while ahead of this breaking news: A Tiger Mom was at practice, watching her son this summer and she saw a pretty young blonde girl, off to the side, in sunglasses, keeping to herself. The Tiger Mom approached her after seeing her kiss Coach O and asked if "she was O's new girlfriend?"

The woman replied "it's complicated."

So, Coach O brought one girlfriend to a practice, who didn't interfere, wasn't taking snaps, didn't have children running around taking snaps.....I have heard detailed accounts of what went down and nothing about LSU practices becoming a proving ground for Coach O's sex drive has yet surfaced.

Right now, there's going to be a lot of bullshit said about LSU...frankly, the national media don't like LSU after 2019....they've loved the last 2 years.....they're looking for anything to continue the narrative against the Tigers.

This isn't just about damaging the reputation of Orgeron and having fun kicking him while he's down....considering my own sense of betrayal when it comes to Coach O, the man deserves a little kick in the ass, however the time for personal destruction, blood lust, and a will to cancel Coach O must stop.

So, I think Trent heard someone else's account, took an exaggerated claim alongside it, positioned the post amid a flurry of "believe anything" news about Orgeron, led by an accurate account of Orgeron hitting on the pregnant wife of a top LSU athletic department official.....anything that followed would likely be bought...

Question everything.....



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Oct 23, 2021

Some fabricated and not fabricated but the fact is the deal is done, Coach O will be leaving at the end of the season. Unless something happens between now and then that involves our players and university, everyone needs to move on from it. Lessons learned by all. I wish him the best in his private life and am grateful for the positives he did bring to the football program.


So dont bring your GF to work is the lesson learned here. Keep your private life private in this age of Social Media


It’s damn sad that an incident like you were told about could have morphed into what was insinuated and written by other “journalist”. I believe a coaching change was necessary, but so loathe fabrications and exaggerations which can live on.

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