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Out of the Great Lakes of Michigan, specifically the Clarkston area, utility offensive lineman Garrett Dellinger enters his second season at Louisiana State possessing plenty of pedigree, the respect & trust of his teammates or coaches and hopefully he's seen the end of his freshman injury woes.

A rare force of consistency along the Tigers' 2021 O-line, Garrett Dellinger appeared across 12 games as a debutant nursing a torn labrum injury, suffered during last summer's casualty-laden off-season prep.

After an operation which allowed him to continue, Dellinger played well as he fought constant pain in his shoulder, battling upperclass SEC thoroughbreds while filling a variety of holes along Brad Davis' offensive trench, fighting off rampaging D-linemen with the right mix of skill & aggression.

For me, Garrett Dellinger's commitment to LSU is unquestioned, and as such, Interim Head Coach / OL Coach Brad Davis spared him from LSU's mostly pointless Texas Bowl defeat to K-State, allowing him the extra recovery time.

Now, following a spring without Dellinger, sitting out for continued rest and rehabilitation on his shoulder, the sophomore from Clarkston High is coming into his own, willing and able to deputize any of LSU's five O-line spots, even trying his hand at center during fall camp (as recently as August 8th).

Because of his versatility, toughness and overall ability, Garrett lands squarely among the Tigers' most prized O-line assets, selflessly capable of "doing a job" for Coach Davis at one end of the spectrum (playing center during Fall Camp) or making a home at any other position along the offensive line trench, expect Dellinger to feature throughout most offensive snaps.

2022 is a chance for Dellinger to become one of LSU's all around most important players, with Head Coach Brian Kelly and OL Boss Brad Davis sagely keeping their key sophomore out of the firing line all through Spring, with one eye trained upon the grueling campaign ahead.



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2 opmerkingen

I believe this man starts when the first game rolls around, and there’s a better than even chance it’s at Center.

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
10 aug. 2022
Reageren op

Definitely an unquestioned starter for LSU!!! LOOOVE DELLINGER!!

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