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Updated: Mar 30, 2021



I understand the intensity on all sides of the current Title IX issue: this site has repeatedly covered the stories, delved into the background as much as we can, but one thing that's apparent about the current climate:

Sides are being chosen, lines being drawn, and bridges being burned all in the name of something we don't even have the facts to yet.

Much of these alleged crimes are just that... allegations as of now, specifically Gloria Scott recently coming out. Although she went so far as to testify before a senate panel...that means a lot to me....that takes guts.

We need to listen to everyone, from Samantha Brennan to Gloria Scott, then talk to LSU's administrators, coaches and figure out what's going on: why they're handing out such pathetic punishments to real perpetrators and hiding them on staff; why they covered up these allegations if they weren't true in the first place....

We have to take into account all of the evidence, listen to the victims, see what is real, what has been reported falsely & what was covered up completely.

Someone's lying about the phone call.

Either Gloria Scott or Coach Orgeron...

Before you pick a side and jump to conclusions based on your own bias, remember what's going on here...we're talking about a powerful, popular football player sexually harassing someone who could be your grandmother...we cannot dismiss this and say "oh she doesn't know what she's talking about", "she's lying" just because she uttered the name 'Coach Ed Orgeron'.

We can't have emotional triggers with this as LSU fans...especially when you consider the heavy fact that none of us are the victims concerned here....none of us should be able to feel triggered into flying into rages in defense of your side with righteous indignation...both please....stop.

You have many in the media already framing Orgeron like he was on the phone when we don't have a recording ....

And you have scores of us Tiger fans unwilling to believe any of the alleged victims, many without reading the official reports or listening to the witness testimony.

Mind made up...burn the sucker down.

Scorched Earth....

We cannot play that way...not with this battle for LSU's soul here.

We cannot cancel people before the truth is actually revealed...and when it comes out, it'll be undeniable....

If you believe these women, you've seen one piece to the puzzle coming out of the woodwork after another.

If you don't believe these women, you're usually inclined to seeing an orchestrated agenda / narrative framed against Coach Orgeron specifically as well as LSU (I felt that USA Today quote about "everyone's girlfriend sleeps with everybody" was an absolute farce when reading the entire piece straight through).

Either way, dive into the available resources and find out the truth for yourself.

We can't back protectors of rapists and abusers of women, but we can't ruin careers and destroy people when the evidence falls in a pot of red beans....we just can't.

We need a recording...witnesses...testimony from Orgeron...and hopefully we get it, because I don't doubt Gloria Scott's assault from Guice occurred, I believe her. I'm just unsure about the phone call until we get some type of evidence or see the testimony from Coach Orgeron.

Innocent until proven guilty still means something in this country.

Let's find the truth....but LSU ODYSSEY will not take part in cancel culture.



"First of all, I was deeply upset when I watched the video of Ms. Scott's testimony. It was the first time I'd heard of all the horrible details of her encounter with Derrius. I am sickened by what she went through. Heartbroken. No person, woman, mother or grandmother should ever be addressed in such a disgusting manner. It is 100% unacceptable. I'm devastated that it happened to her. I want Ms. Scott, her family and others to know that.

"I completely cooperated with the Husch-Blackwell investigation and I will continue to cooperate with LSU's internal investigation. As I told them, I truthfully do not remember speaking with Ms. Scott three years ago. But I do know Ms. Scott needs to be heard and admired for her courage. I have been, and will continue to be committed to a culture of integrity and compliance. Out of respect to Ms. Scott, all survivors and the integrity of the investigation, I have to further questions of this nature to the university. I hope this helps."

What do you think of Orgeron's response & the case?



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