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Updated: Dec 14, 2022



I love where things stand for LSU and Javien Toviano, cornerback out of Martin High in Texas; Toviano is a deserved 5 star, with much attention and attraction from Texas A&M and the Longhorns, among a long list of others....however, LSU are out in front here.

Though some will point to his recent visit for LSU's crazy overtime win vs Alabama as the turning point, a trip where Toviano hung out with fellow 5 star DB Desmond Ricks, the seeds were actually planted long before.

Booked for an A&M trip back in late July, Toviano spent more time than scheduled at LSU's Bayou Splash event and ended up "missing" his trip to College Station entirely;

Following up his highly successful June visit with a strong trust forged at the Tigers event in late July, it appears even his home-state Aggies need not apply.....although I suppose a large NIL offering can always turn the tide quickly.

LSU Cornerbacks Coach Robert Steeples is doing amazing work here with Toviano; If you were wondering where & when 2023's class pillar cornerback would arrive, I feel this is the young man right here.

Announcing his commitment tomorrow, 12pm eastern on December 15th, an LSU win for Javien's services would see Brian Kelly's recruiting staff continue their strong first season.

Accordingly, we have been told Toviano will make his Tigerdom public in the Ides of December.

The arrival of 2023's premier class cornerback wouldn't merely be a priority, Toviano is a necessity.

DBU are in major need of players for 2023, especially after seniors Mekhi Garner and Jay Ward headed to the NFL carrying one year of eligibility, as senior Jarrick Bernard-Converse could be on the verge of a possible departure to the NFL (holding his Covid season of eligibility), while Raydarious Jones and Damarius McGhee both exited for the transfer portal (Jones landing at Miss St).

There are major chances for playing time as a freshman, and after watching Harold Perkins, Will Campbell, Mason Taylor, and Emery Jones in their debut campaign, every recruit in America senses that opportunity.



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