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Updated: Jun 19, 2021



Kamari Wilson represents the next great IMG defensive back to hit college football, one who will be remembered forever at the Bradenton, Florida institution...following in the footsteps of greats such as Eli Ricks, Grant Delpit, Mike Jenkins or Fabian Washington.

However....only second to the elite level of Grant Delpit and Eli Ricks, Kamari Wilson has begun to prove he has what it takes for the SEC right now... if there is such a possibility, then Kamari checks that box.

Like every kid at IMG, Wilson lives & breathes football...although the extent to which he'll work for his own improvement borders on obsession:

Dissecting coverages over and over, memorizing formations and certain offensive wrinkles, studying film on opposition quarterbacks, watching the greatest safeties throughout football history in a variety of scenarios, examining how they did what they did, working out alongside NFL trainers and elite position coaches......his work ethic knows no bounds.

Wilson is a safety who possesses the ball skills of a corner, the aerial anticipation of a receiver, a linebacker's side-splitting barrelhouse hits, the suave pre-snap organization skills of a MIC linebacker, a strong safety's trademark ability to attack the line of scrimmage, violent hunger and humility on special teams coverage, he has it all...

Standing at 6'1 and carrying a stacked 195 lbs, Kamari's body is already at peak performance shape, capable of absorbing / bouncing off contact; meanwhile, his overall game speed continues to defy the bar set before.

Wilson's mindset is one of a brickhouse powerhouse.....a throwback to the Sean Taylor / LaRon Landry / Ronnie Lott / Ed Reed / Blaine Bishop / Craig Steltz / Troy Polamalu eras of safety playmaking: the ref wasn't going to save you from their vicious hits....and there was no escape....

If I'm going to make a comparison....and I hate to do that, especially considering how Kamari is his own intriguing specimen, I must compare him to a Sean Taylor-Ed Reed hybrid....he has the all-around athletic versatility & eternal confidence of a young Sean Taylor combined with the guaranteed vocal leadership, strong organizational energy, and equally gifted physical attributes of Ed Reed.

While Kamari still has a long way to geaux before he achieves the Hall of Fame legacies of Ed Reed or Sean Taylor, the young 5 star is well on his way, being a clear favorite for a future top 10 NFL Draft pick if he continues his trajectory.

If LSU can earn Kamari's trust, win over his favor and capture his signature on National Signing Day, Daronte Jones and co will be grabbing the best overall safety of the 2022 class, joining forces with the #2 safety and another 5 star, Jacoby Mathews.......

If Kamari joined the Tigers, our 2022 class would be undeniable: Laterrance Welch, a "shut down / should-be 5 star" cornerback, potentially Jordan Allen once he picks up his LSU offer tonight, and Jacoby Mathews next to Kamari Wilson at safety.....

That wouldn't just be an electric secondary.....the SEC would be over.




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SHOUTOUTS: LET'S GEAUX KAMARI! WELCOME TO DBU!!!!! Thank you for joining us and we cannot wait to see you out there with Eli, Jacoby, Dwight and Sage!!!

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