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Updated: Jul 2, 2021



2022 OT Powerhouse Kelvin Banks Jr makes it official, he will be committing on July 4th, making an announcement only hours ago.

This will be a huge moment for the future of LSU's offensive line:

Can the Tigers start to grab more 5 star OL?

Well, if the Tigers are going to continue where they left off after grabbing the #1 OL of the class in Will Campbell, then Kelvin Banks Jr is the perfect lineman to grab next:

Will Banks Jr become the first out of state OL domino to drop, with Florida's Julian Armella and fellow Texan high school teammate Kam Dewberry also in the picture for the Tigers???

Summer Creek High's physically imposing & brutally vicious tackle is a leviathan within the trenches; he's proudly turned into one of the most aggressive OL I've seen from the last two classes; Also, it appears his family thoroughly enjoyed their visit to LSU's campus; though they didn't get face time before the dead period's end, Kelvin enjoys a strong bond with the Tigers' new OL Coach Brad Davis, and I don't think LSU's closest competitors for Banks' signature offer what the purple & gold have on tap:

A family-first environment, elite / pro-ready development, championship contention, an NFL pedigree coaching staff, top of the line name, image and likeness LSU, everything is already in place for Banks Jr's future.

Correctly rated a 5 star talent by 247, Rivals and LSU Odyssey, Banks Jr is without a doubt next to Will Campbell and Emery Jones as the top three most talented OL of the 2022 class......if LSU could grab all 3 under new OL Coach Brad Davis, it would be a major coup....tipping the scales in the Tigers' favor after Alabama's 2021 OL haul of JC Latham and the Brockermeyer brothers,

On paper, 2022 was always going to be a prime OL class....not only from a necessity standpoint, but in a "you have to get that guy no matter what" type of talent category....such is the boundless potential and current power of class pillars Emery Jones, Will Campbell, Devon Campbell, Malik Agbo, Kam Dewberry, Eli Henderson, and Julian Armella.....

Kelvin Banks Jr is on the upper crust of the highest tier....and after forming such a tight bond with LSU, it would be hard to see the Tigers lose out on the Summer Creek OT's signature this coming Sunday.

Originally scheduled for July 24th, I have a feeling Banks Jr moved his commitment date up by 20 days once the #NILSU campaign went viral. #NILSU has become an extremely effective recruiting tool, attracting scores of the best talents in America:

Now LSU won't just be helping student-athletes earn as much as they possibly can at the next level, the program is in a very unique position when it comes to being able to help student athletes capitalize on their name, image and likeness right now.

Don't be shocked if Kelvin Banks Jr becomes LSU's 4th five star commit of the 2022 class, don't be surprised if the #NILSU campaign ignited this change of heart, and don't underestimate the power of a domino effect helping LSU pull in a few more big time recruits this July.

After a tough grind through June's 24/7 recruiting gold rush, the Tigers' coaching staff are about to gain the rewards for their hard work through July.....with every source I have telling me "Banks to LSU" could very well happen, it looks like LSU may kick off the commitment season in fine fashion.....but with the official decision still 2 days away, we'll have to wait and see where Banks Jr decides to geaux.




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