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-4 Years Eligibility Remaining

One of LSU's most explosive signings during January's transfer portal siege, Kolbe Fields' in-conference move from South Carolina to LSU (news broken by this site first) is without question a major deal for the Tigers:
Not only will Fields supply depth & SEC experience at a badly depleted unit on defense (while taking away Louisiana talent from an in-conference competitor), Kolbe could very well challenge for a leading role at linebacker.

A native of Metairie, Louisiana, Kolbe played one season for South Carolina, his freshman debut where he recorded a single tackle throughout 4 appearances for the Gamecocks.

Out of Rummel High, Fields shares a few former teammates among the Tigers' roster (an example: Quinton "Pig" Cage), which is an apparent and obvious pattern concerning LSU's transfer strategy: Louisiana natives....but not just any Louisiana native...former high school teammates of LSU's current veteran roster.....pillars of the roster.....reunited with friends on a team, in a situation neither thought would ever be possible....until the transfer portal.

Fields recorded an outrageous 105 tackles as a junior at Rummel, adding 12.5 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks, 3 INTs (1 INT returned for a touchdown), 3 PBUs, 1 fumble recovery as an elite level linebacker leading a historic defense: shutting opponents out of the end zone for 8 of 10 regular season games across 2019; the results escorted the Raiders to a state title game trip.

Throughout his senior season, Kolbe was utilized in many different ways by Rummel's defensive staff, including the deepest free safety, the first pass-rusher flying off the edge from a disguised blitz, twisting inside through the interior, dropping back into didn't matter where he played, he was constantly effective....

...Fields impacted games in a prodigious, wunderkind display of defensive anticipation & playmaking, batting away passes into the arms of fellow teammates, savagely pile-driving quarterbacks into the dirt, organizing his teammates pre, mid and post was as if Kolbe could see the game in slow motion....

Before his full-time move to LB, Fields even played quarterback for Rummel, with mixed results as a freshman.

From defense to offense, linebacker to quarterback, even playing's clear to anyone paying attention: Brian Kelly just signed an all-around specimen athlete with a very high ceiling.

Due to Matt House's LBs room lacking in depth and experience, Fields could find himself in a lead position to play plenty of reps during 2022.

Imagine the transformation he could undergo thanks to Matt House's NFL-born guidance...

Alongside Mike Jones Jr (versatile profile), Micah Baskerville (tackling machine), Greg Penn III (young all-arounder) and of course, 5 star freshman Harold Perkins, Fields' presence tightens up an intriguing group's loose ends.

Holding just a single year of SEC experience, the former Rummel High Raider is also returning home to a familiar situation, surrounded by old friends, playing for the purple & gold..........our man is right at home.



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Kevin Howell
Kevin Howell
14 mar 2022

I’m looking forward to seeing him perform in the purple and gold…

Me gusta
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