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Updated: Jul 30, 2023


In 2023, LSU may have signed their best running back via the portal....

Out of 8 scholarship backs among Frank Wilson's RBs room, Logan Diggs may just be the man to lighten Jayden Daniels' rushing load, improve competition in the backfield top to bottom, and even steal a starting spot out from under 4 returning Tigers.

It's more than possible.

We're talking about a player Head Coach Brian Kelly signed twice, once at Notre Dame and once again at LSU; the Louisiana native who's production ranked among the top over the past few seasons (2nd on the team in rushing across back to back years), the back who now arrives on campus as the Tigers' most productive rusher in yards last fall.

Bringing experience as well as familiarity from his time on Coach Kelly's Notre Dame squad, alongside an entrenched, longtime relationship with RBs Coach Frank Wilson, both coaches will understand exactly what they'll get from their new #3.

Of his 822 yards last year, 506 came after contact, averaging exactly 5 yards per attempt, forcing 27 missed tackles from defenders (2nd on the team), while only fumbling the ball twice over 217 carries from 252 total snaps, Diggs was consistent & efficient.
Finishing a devastating one-two punch with fellow Notre Dame back Audric Estime, who piled up 906 yards in no small part thanks to Diggs' punishing running, we've seen evidence of Logan fitting into a rotational setup and still getting the best out of himself and, by proxy, his teammates.

This is no empty experience like you'll find with some transfers; Right now, Logan remains LSU's second leading career rusher on roster (behind only Noah Cain), while his 13 total career touchdowns ranks 3rd (behind Cain & John Emery Jr, backs who have both played more years than Diggs).

Hailing from Boutte, Louisiana, Diggs was a standout at Rummel High before eschewing Orgeron-era advances from LSU, opting instead for Brian Kelly's Notre Dame....signing with the Irish in 2020.

But once Diggs entered the portal in 2023, there was only one likely ending to this story: with a Louisiana kid back in the State of Football...walking The Path to graduating as a champion.

In 2023, following the high profile transfer success & iconic nature of LSU athletes Joe Burrow, baseball champion & one of a kind pitcher Paul Skenes & women's basketball national champion / superstar Angel Reese, now current LSU QB Jayden Daniels, All-American DL Mekhi Wingo, starting safeties Major Burns and Greg Brooks Jr, and the return of 5 stars Aaron Anderson & Denver Harris.....more than any other school, LSU can claim to be the premier transfer destination in college athletics.

As LSU's running back room faces uncertainty, a dizzying breadth of options, plus a few Tigers coming back from injury, Diggs' violent, agile, burst-filled running style should supply big moments this fall if properly harnessed.

If given the chance to get into a rhythm, Diggs has a far better chance of accomplishing his goals in Baton Rouge than anywhere else.

His versatility in the passing game will greatly help his quest for Tiger stardom:

Backing his 822 rushing yards, Diggs also racked up 211 receiving yards & 2 receiving scores, making a huge impression among the Notre Dame fanbase as he rattled off a 75 yard catch and run last fall, clearly showcasing his ability to make a difference as an outlet or main target in the passing game.

Diggs ended his two seasons at Notre Dame with 1,052 rushing yards over 20 appearances & 8 starts, while also collecting 267 receiving yards & 3 total aerial this the resume of a rising SEC star who's about to make LSU's running back position his own??

Wearing Kevin Faulk's legendary #3, a number Ty Davis-Price wore in 2021 as he rushed for over 1,000 yards, it's no coincidence that both former Tiger running backs are big fans, supporters & even mentors of the young Louisiana stud, receiving their ringing endorsement.

In conversation with LSUOdyssey, Davis-Price called Diggs "the next #3," while Kevin Faulk also mentioned his longtime relationship with the former Rummel High Raider during our hour long interview with the Tiger 🐐.

Could Diggs be the guy for LSU's stacked yet uncertain running back room???



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Very excited to have this man aboard. He will push everyone who stays and competes to be better.

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