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Updated: Jul 8, 2022



Another day in July and it's another 2023-shattering LSU commitment from an elite player, this time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ WR Jalen Brown out of Gulliver Prep.

Now at 7 commitments from 8 days, LSU just nabbed their first 5 star talent of the 2023 class and their first WR commitment of what will be a critical cycle out wide.....and in a year filled with at least 4 top Louisiana WR prospects (Shelton Sampson Jr, Khae Prean, Harvey Broussard III and Omarion Miller), Jalen Brown's addition could be the start of a special group.

Blessed & possessed by blazing pace, Jalen Brown caught 56 passes, just under 1,033 receiving yards and 11 TDs last season, all while hauling in 22 receiving touchdowns (24 overall) & 1,995 yards across his last 2's easy to understand why he's a 5 star rated talent.

Finding our attention as a sophomore in 2020, Brown exploded for 27.8 yards per catch from 18 receptions, 500 receiving yards and 8 TD catches in just 6 appearances (9 total TDs).....and from that point, there was no looking back for Mr. Speedway.

Once again, the Miami-area produces another pace-burning receiving talent, and due to LSU WRs Coach Cortez Hankton establishing / cultivating their relationship for years, backed by Jordan Arcement, Corey Phillips & Carter Sheridan's hard work in crucial supporting roles, Brian Kelly's one-on-one mentorship & the strength of his "Graduate Champions" vision made the decision clear.

It was a journey which began back when Hankton coached receivers at Georgia, culminating when Jalen visited the best WR school of the 21st century last month.....realizing his destiny lies in Baton Rouge.

Though our positive June analysis concerning Brown's LSU recruitment was doubted or even mocked, we knew there was some serious buzz....and Brown's actions told us everything we needed to know.

He wanted LSU as badly as LSU wanted him....

We have certified proof now: Brian Kelly's staff are not only capable of nabbing 5 star talents, they're prepared for that road. After these impressive 7 commitments over 8 days, there won't be any lingering talk about LSU falling behind in the recruiting world, even by the "Louisiana or bust" recruiting philosophy among a faction of our fanbase.

As long as LSU are hitting on 5 star talents at Wide Receiver, this program is heading in the right direction....and the strength of the LSU brand only continues to grow.

As long as LSU can secure 5 star WR Shelton Sampson Jr to join alongside Jalen Brown, then the near future of the Tigers' wide receiver room looks to be in fine fettle.


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4 commentaires

What a terrific get, and you were all over this one Lonn. Time to celebrate. 🔥🔥🎉🎉

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
20 févr. 2023
En réponse à

You're the man bro! I'm going through to find every comment! You're so cool to support like this. I'll try and make it the best I can.

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