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Updated: May 19, 2021



Right now at this crucial crossroads on the path to a National title, where do we find Coach Ed Orgeron's squad?

It's hard to say...mostly because the answers you'll hear mostly depend on whom you ask:

Before LSU's 2020 title defense even began, every single mainstream college football fan were already calling our 2019 season a "fluke"...a "flash in the pan"...and all 2020 accomplished was adding just enough lingering doubt to justify their purple & gold prejudice:

For those LSU haters, it felt like the Tigers traded 2019's G.O.A.T glory in exchange for a prolonged curse:

First, last season's squad started with enough freshman talent alongside experienced, NFL-ready upperclassmen to contend for the SEC West as well as a CFP Playoff position.

But once the pandemic hit the globe and each player had their own harrowing experiences, these Forever Tigers made tough (and much criticized) choices to opt out for the season, sud