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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

by Lonn Phillips Sullivan


Well, the 2021 Spring game has ended...and what did we think?

What did we see out there?

First off, don't read too much into the starting lineups, as there were a rash of injuries...but definitely pay attention to the Tigers who took their chances with full gusto.

There were some absences:


Todd Harris Jr

Andre Anthony

Ali Gaye

Corren Norman

Tre Bradford

John Emery Jr

Josh Williams

Bugg Strong

Eli Ricks

Trey Palmer

Jarell Cherry

But for the most part, we had a good picture of the least on defense:

Starting along the Defense was: DE Soni Fonua in for Ali Gaye but playing well (1 FF), DTs Joseph Evans & Neil Farrell Jr, while B.J Ojulari started on the opposite flank.

Behind the DL at LB: Damone Clark and Jared Small starting together in that 2 man LB setup we talked about a lot;

Then you had Jay Ward and Jordan Toles at safety, Cordale Flott at the nickel position, flanked by Stingley Jr and Dwight McGlothern all in the loaded secondary.

The offensive starters were Max Johnson at QB, Liam Shanahan remaining at center (struggling at times), Ed Ingram at left guard, Dare Rosenthal at left tackle, Chasen Hines at right guard and Austin Deculus at right tackle. In the backfield, Ty Davis-Price took over the ground game and on the outside, WRs Kayshon Boutte, Koy Moore, Jaray Jenkins, and Kole Taylor at tight end sealed up a nice but sloppy offensive unit on the day.

They're still trying to figure out the complex motion schemes of Jake Peetz at the moment, but what I saw was an offense that kept the play calls somewhat vanilla because they were working on establishing their bevy of pre-snap movements.

We watched TDP motion in and out of the backfield, showing up out wide, Kole Taylor was moved around, Jack Mashburn was kicked inside...we witnessed a group still trying to iron out the kinks.

Still, I loved the dynamic hints of an adventurous offensive philosophy from Jake Peetz, D.J Mangas, Jorge Munoz (who reprised his QB whisperer role from 2019) and analyst Steve Ensminger.

All the same, they ran into a brick wall for the 3rd time out of 5 scrimmages.





I told you about a week ago, in our piece testifying about LSU's unbelievable defense...and here they were, dead set on burning the page from last year as they forge forth in a rampant sea of aggression.

Strong tackling abounded, yards after catch were at a minimum, big plays were rare and turnovers were numerous, Daronte Jones' squad creating 6 turnovers, 5 INTs and 1 Derrick Davis Jr fumble recovery after a Soni Fonua strip.

Even while shuffling personnel, changing up formations or points of attack, Jones' unit are formidable, frenetic and fun to watch .

The defensive line came in as advertised, piling on never-ending pressure to the tune of 8 sacks & 3 broken up passes, while the defensive front combined for 12.5 tackles for loss.

Daronte Jones & Corey Raymond's secondary had an unreal day, picking off 3 passes, batting down 10 more, providing strong tackles on the edge and refusing to allow too many big plays.

This defense could be the SEC's best by midway through this coming season, such is their utter dominance and fundamental turnaround...still, we need to see this level's too much fun to geaux without.


Today, many will anoint Myles Brennan as the guy...the "real quarterback" for the Tigers....but when you not only look at the performances, statistics, 3rd down efficiency, ability to extend the play....Max Johnson proved what he's made of just as much as Myles, though the team went 9 for 28 on 3rd down overall under all four quarterbacks and looked sloppy on occasion...which is to be expected at this juncture.

Even when "sacked" a few times, Johnson would've escaped if not for the blown whistles / gold jersey "blow it dead sacks".

On the first drive of the game, Johnson took the reins as the starter and led a highly effective drive into the red zone....although a penalty stripped him of a major touchdown to Boutte:

Stepping up in the pocket away from pressure, the walls collapsing around him, Maximus stood tall and rifled a centimeter perfect pass to Kayshon Boutte, mirroring their connection from last year. Kayshon broke two tackles on his way to the end zone, hopping over a sprawling Jay Ward and raced up the sideline for the score...though it was called back due to a penalty.

Regardless, Max found a nice rhythm and began uncorking short passes to the likes of Nick Storz, Koy Moore, Jaray Jenkins or TDP out of the backfield, although he found most of his big play success when targeting Jontre Kirklin and of course, Kayshon Boutte.

There is something smooth and positive about the way Johnson works the pocket, commands the offense and releases the football. His mechanics are unorthodox to most traditionalists: they may not force a quarterback whisperer to excuse himself with a bottle of hand lotion, however everything feels right for how he plays the game....everything seems easy for Johnson out there....of course, except for those first few drives.

Nothing was easy for any quarterback out there today against that defense.

As Max led the offense from the start with TJ leading the third string purple offense out there next, it was Myles Brennan, also clad in white and representing the second string white offense, so you have it right there....just as we said it the entire time:

Max and Myles are the two leaders in the QB race....and their play proved that beyond any doubt.

But who has the edge?

Max, because of his mobility.

Myles may have shown me he can move, but I didn't see him picking the right options on the run as Max routinely can.

While witnessing Brennan ignore a variety of escape routes (including a wide open touchdown run), we watched Myles take off on one promising, positive scramble through a furious pressure...and even the centrally-based path he took on that scramble could easily lend itself to him getting destroyed in the backfield...

Still, you cannot deny Myles' penchant for brilliant passing, tossing some sideline out route darts that possessed NFL sauce. He unleashed LSU's first big plays of the game (a long back shoulder fade over Derek Stingley Jr followed by another big touchdown bomb, both to Kayshon Boutte); Brennan protected the ball as well, posting 0 turnovers....something T.J Finley and Garrett Nussmeier weren't able to do for various reasons:

Finley's problems with turnovers reared their head once again today and I know why...

TJ is feeling the pressure of the starting job to the point he's forcing the ball into coverage, resulting in turnovers...a hallmark of his freshman season which fueled heavy defeats to Auburn, A&M & Alabama.

He didn't look relaxed out there...

Despite some strong reps at times, today will sting for TJ and I hope he can recover after the break.

TJ boasts the talent, owns an incredible arm & a perfect quarterback body, however....right now, he lacks confidence.

Elsewhere, freshman Garrett Nussmeier was out there having fun and showing the world what he's all about: Every play is a Hail Mary with this kid, rolling left, shifting right, bouncing back away from pressures. The Texas gunslinger showed off his arsenal, shaking and baking LSU's D-Line out of their socks at times, exquisitely spinning away to his left from pressure: (one example) making Jaquelin Roy dive at the air and topping it all off by tossing a sickening sideline completion.

Regardless of his 3 INTs, Nussmeier made fantastic plays which point to an extremely promising future....this kid has unbelievable moxy, throwing passes right at the same DBs who may have intercepted his previous pass....totally fearless.

He's not ready to start this year, but he's an unbelievable talent who could only be a season away from putting it all together.




(I wanted to see him finish that first drive in the red zone and make a few more plays, but overall a strong night from the second year QB)



(Great passing for the most part, yet his naive backfield maneuvers hurt the team and force us into continuous negative play scenarios we just cannot afford this year)



(Showed strong character when he rebounded from his interceptions, but those throws mattered little after his 2 forced picks and 0 TDs. The interceptions are one thing, yet failing to record a touchdown has to bug him. TJ needs to let the game come to him and relax or this starting job may be out of his hands by June.)



(Nussmeier threw 3 INTs, one more pick than Finley, however he also whipped a nice touchdown to Koy Moore, the WR's first unofficial or official touchdown catch at LSU;

Nuss produced some spectacular plays on the run and in the pocket, he excited the crowd, jazzed up the offense and made chasing defenders shake their heads in disbelief).



Grade: B+

During his starting turn opposite Derek Stingley Jr, Dwight McGlothern enjoyed a terrific Spring Game, controlling his one on ones, making nice solo tackles, as well as batting down a team-leading 4 passes, including a 4th down red zone pass on the first drive of the game.

I really loved what I saw from Dwight today, coming out and playing fundamentally sound cornerback out there, tackling well, forcing rushers inside even when unable to fight off his blocks, altering routes or affecting throws thanks to his blanket coverage, and most of all, denying a sustained rhythm under his stead.


Grade B+

With a multitude of pressures, QB hits & 2 sacks (we're still counting up all his pressures), Ojulari took over the starting job from the absent Andre Anthony and did NOT disappoint.

He showed off some stunning spin moves, frenzied stunting, barrelhouse swim moves, dipping under and around left tackles like liquid steel...

Ojulari needs to be on the field.

I get it, Andre Anthony is an amazing force, leader & contributor...but we have to see B.J Ojulari take to the field or there's no point in having him.