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Without a doubt one of the preeminent talents I've seen from his position (due to intangibles and measurables), 2024 QB Mabrey Mettauer is the real deal.

Ranked as one of's top 3 overall QBs of his class, the Woodlands' QB has it all, ultimate size (he's still growing at 6'5, 219 pounds), a rocket right arm, slippery escape-ability and agility, football in his blood (an older OL brother at Oklahoma), as well as a starring role for both Woodlands High School or the Texas Fury 7 v 7 team.

LSU's past regime, specifically Offensive Coordinator Jake Peetz, offered Mabrey during last summer's high octane camps, but many wondered....Will Brian Kelly's Tigers continue the program's 2021 bond with Mettauer?

Indeed they would...

Thanks to exclusive information I received back in March, we learned Coach Joe Sloan reached out to Mabrey's 7 v 7 Head Coach Grant, and is wanting to re-offer Mabrey, but that he would need to "see him first before he can re-offer", stemming from a direct quote by LSU's QB Guru.

Well, that time arrived on Sunday morning, when Mabrey returned to LSU for the first time since last August's Boys From The Boot event, camping alongside his Texas Fury 7 v 7 teammates:

He impressed mightily as he threw for QBs Coach Joe Sloan......however, the outcome may not have been what he expected...

We caught up with Mabrey to get an understanding of how he felt camp went:

LONN: What up Mabrey? How Did Today Go?

MABREY: I thought I did super well, Coach Sloan said he hasn’t offered any 2024 yet....he wants to wait for 2023 to commit. Yes for sure, we get along super well and he seemed super interested. Wants me to hop on the phone with him once a week. Basically all (pre-Kelly) offers still stand but aren’t committable. I’ve spent a lot of time at LSU since I received my offer last summer! The Tigers have a special place in my heart! I feel like camp today was a success! I played well and I got to meet coach Sloan in person. I feel we have great connection!

Mabrey wasn't alone in the limelight from Coach Grant's Fury:

Both from the 2023 class, WR Cameron Thomas and Mabrey's Woodlands High teammate DB Wei Wei each grabbed attention from LSU's coaching staff during the camp:

Wei Wei w/ Northwestern State @ LSU Football Ops

Standing a freakish 6'3 and near 180 pounds, Wei Wei is a legit defensive back talent, capable of playing safety or cornerback, and according to his 7 v 7 Head Coach, Wei Wei greatly intrigued LSU's Safety Coach Kerry Cooks & CBs Coach Robert Steeples after his camp showing.

"Yes Sir, I talked to both Coach Cooks & Coach Steeples. I went with the tiger group during drills and had 5 passes broken up and (allowed) no catches on me during 1 on 1s. Coach Cooks selected me to stay with the Elite group to do the 1 on 1’s and 7v7."

Wei Wei was offered by Northwestern State during the Camp, another positive for the young man who's rise could be a steady climb until full explosion this fall.

One offer creates I always tell recruits.

A dynamic aerial threat, 2023 WR Cameron Thomas made some brilliant grabs on the day, showcasing robust upper body strength to go alongside mid-air smart coordination. With this exclusive piece of footage arriving courtesy of Coach Grant, we can all bask in what Thomas' future prospects could entail:

Though he didn't pick up an offer on the day, linebacker Mitch Melton made strong contact with Tulane and Northwestern State; Melton is underrated, overlooked and if given the proper opportunities & guidance, could become a strong linebacker at the collegiate level.

Melton talked with us a lot about his excitement leading up to camping at LSU, in an exclusive interview which will be released in the coming days.

Conroe High ATH Tice Williams, a 2024 prospect, is another player I keep watching out for.

Impressive on or off the field, Tice could play damn near three or four positions, although people close to him think he'll end up at DB. Here's our exclusive interview with Tice from this Spring.

Another elite Fury talent is Cory Huff Jr, a current 2023 Baylor commit who missed out due to a family emergency midweek. Please send your love to this young man @tmuc15.

The standout Nimitz High safety is catching eyes and offers from all over the country, Arkansas, Louisville, Aranda's Baylor, and even made a massive splash at his last LSU camp.

I expect LSU's Safeties Coach Kerry Cooks to keep an eye on the Nimitz safety: check out our celebrated profile & interview with Cory.



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SHOUTOUTS: Thank You To Coach Grant and his staff who have helped this media underdog with some great friendship & access over the past 2 years. Thank You!!!!

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Love the info on the Texas Fury. There are some very intriguing talents in this group. Your relationship with them can only help.

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