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Sadly, the news I expected all weekend finally came...Raesjon Davis has decommitted from LSU as of 15 minutes ago.

Things had grown quiet from the Davis camp recently and after I heard of USC's intense overtures (un-retiring Bush's #5 for Raesjon to wear) I knew it was coming....and Korey Foreman will be joining him.

Raesjon wouldn't be making this move to USC alone...he wanted a guaranteed friend and powerhouse contributor on defense next to him, and together those two could definitely bring in a strong new defensive axis for the Trojans.

Either way, this is a huge loss for LSU's 2021 class if he's gone for good (which I'm holding out hope he's not out the door, just one foot leaning).

Raesjon was next to Garrett Nussmeier as the 2021 class's most willing and finite recruiters, pulling Naquan Brown, Greg Penn III along with pushing for Korey Foreman.

But once the allegations scandal surfaced, combined with the talk of LSU's defensive assistants being shuffled out, it seemed this move may be on the cards (could Alec Osbourne AND Bo Pelini both be out the door? Osbourne was the guy who really pulled Raesjon to Baton Rouge).

This is a cruel blow to LSU's 2021 class and one Coach O knew would happen if he released Bo Pelini from his contract, along with some of Pelini's hand-picked assistants, which may or may not include Alec Osbourne (who LSU MUST retain in my opinion and name LBs coach).

So...things we can read between the lines on here:

  1. RAESJON & KOREY TO USC....potential for LSU to still be there for Raesjon who's never been 100% sold on USC and neither have his parents who've been wanting to move out of California for some time.


3. THE 2021 CLASS LOSES A HUGE PIECE, ONE THEY MUST SCRAMBLE TO PLUG IMMEDIATELY: That means trying to persuade Micha Baskerville to stay at all costs, that includes keeping Devonta Lee on the rosters somehow after an entire season of disrespect (the kid was barely utilized, I cannot think of a defensive play he was in on)...the 2019-2020 class of LSU LBs are now more important than ever, Lee, Josh White, Antoine Sampah...what do you got???

A sad day for LSU....really....sure, they can plug and replace enough guys to make up for what they would've lost in Raesjon in on-field production, but it won't matter....

This was a kid with heart, soul and determination to be an LSU Tiger...

He was beyond all in....his USC-obsessed So Cal-born father Rashad (one of the nicest people on planet earth) dreamed of his sons playing for LSU, he was basically here already in his mood, his tone and his allegiance to the purple and lose him is a near-catastrophic blow to the 2021 class that can only be figured out by making smart moves on the offensive line while bringing along one big LB name.

I have the exact target LSU should be geauxing for to try and "replace" Raesjon Davis...

There's no replacing Raesjon Davis....there's only hoping his loss won't ruin the 2021 class' defensive outlook.

This one hurts me personally: I became quite tight with the Davis family over the past year and I really have come to respect the way they live their lives, the way they believe in people, the way they gave this young, struggling writer a chance and gave this young nobody access to their trusted me with a lot of sensitive information and it was an honor to represent your family in any way shape or form.

Thank you for your friendship Raesjon, Rashad, DeAndra and Ramere.

Don't send crap their way...don't be rude....this is a family who did as much for LSU's 2021 class as Garrett Nussmeier regarding recruiting buzz, rankings, pulling in guys from all over the country, etc....the Davis' elevated LSU....don't bring them down with negativity on a really tough day for everyone....Raesjon was crushed making this decision, I can tell you that.


By Lonn Phillips Sullivan


Copyright 2020 Uninterrupted Writings Inc LLC

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