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Forgive me if this is rough...

Every article you've read on here or podcast you've seen was filmed while our pug-chihuahua Rivers held court on the couch, curled up in his one of his many favorite blankets and demanding nonstop petting....hell, Half of the podcasts I've filmed, I'm petting Riv a good portion of the on screen time..

Once I met Chels, her little dog and I became inseparable as well. While needing to strengthen my surgery-ravaged ankles In 2011, I started walking long distances with Rivers taking the lead and loving every minute of it.

He survived a nasty pit bull attack that ripped open his chest back in 2015, it never slowed him down. He was a constant protector over the apartments Chels and I lived in and was always loud and wild enough to ward off anyone who'd dare.

My Mom and Dad especially loved having Rivers stay with them as they don't own a dog and loved his craziness.

Rivers was fiercely loyal, even jumping at a speed walking mailman he perceived as a threat running up to pounce on me from the back. He'd do this x200 with Chels 😄.

Even in the last year of his life with Sage's arrival, he was extremely patient, always allowing him to chase him around, attempt to pet him but more just pull his hair & tail, he was more than accommodating and fiercely protected my son in the most hilarious of ways.

Long before Sage, he did the same thing for my nieces Jayden, Jackie and London, constantly being hilariously overprotective despite his small stature.

He loved going camping, just don't take him in the water, he hated any amount or temperature.

Every night, no matter what, he always had to jump on the bed with us and go curl up next to his mama Chels, the amazing woman who rescued him long ago from an animal shelter in Davis County when he was only months old. Rivers had a mysterious past, with a tick and flea on him that the vet said are only found in California....his original name was Howie, but once Chels named him Rivers, after a conglomeration of legendary actor River Phoenix and rocker Rivers Cuomo, he only responded to one name....

Today is the first day without Rivers since Chelsea and I have been'll be a tough bit here. Over the past while as I've seen one friend after another disappear into thin air, Rivers was always there....always wanting the next thing I'm eating, the next walk, the next pet, the next playing time or the next adventure.

To some, dogs are just animals....but aren't we all animals???

To me, Rivers was and will forever be family and my God I hope I see him running amok once again.




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We lost our Yorkie, Tilly in 2917. She was unbelievable with everybody, especially our young toddler grandchildren. When I came home from serious surgery in 2014, she sat next to my chair throughout the day and evening. Pets have a sixth sense when their loved ones are hurting. I fully understand your sense of loss.

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan

Man LOUIS you're the best! Thank you for that man!

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