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by Lonn Phillips Sullivan





159 total (119 solo)

20 sacks

47 TFLs (29 in 2019)

42 Pressures (25 in 2019)

3 FF

6 FR



9 PD

3 safeties scored

2 blocked punts

The best DE in America, a freight train of SEC pain...he's geauxing to be coming for you, Saban!

The numbers from Saivion are outrageous...unbridled production at the defensive end position that can only be touched by Landon Jackson:

Posting 8+ sacks, 16+ TFLs & a defensive score in each of his previous two seasons, forcing safeties, creating turnovers, Saivion commits violent devastation upon an offense;

But his craziest numbers arrived during St. James' undefeated title-winning conquest: amassing an astonishing 25 pressures, 90 tackles (77 solo stops!!!), 12 sacks and 29 tackles for loss. He was also the main piece of a defensive wrecking crew which forced & pressured 46 total INTs over the previous 2 campaigns, 2019 producing a wild 26 & 2020 bringing 20 picks.

When LSU lost out on Korey Foreman, anyone who really knew Louisiana football didn't bat an eyelash or shed a tear.

While Foreman is rated as the top DE in the nation & overall player by Geaux247 & #2 by Rivals, here at LSU Odyssey, we think highly of Korey...however, I don't feel Foreman is even the top defensive end...that's Saivion Jones.

Without a doubt the most productive defensive end coming out of the high school game over the past two seasons, winning a title & jettisoning his team to a semifinal this past year, showing high character by waiting to sign with his class...and he's only geauxing to get better.

His talents have been brilliantly developed by the coaching staff at St. James under Coach Robert Valdez, potential which should only skyrocket at the next level.

When Saivion arrives at LSU this summer, he'll be coached by D-Line Impresario Andre Carter, he'll find himself learning from DE superstars such as Ali Gaye, B.J Ojulari or Andre Anthony & lining up alongside interior destroyers like Jaquelin Roy, Maason Smith, Jacobian Guillory & Neil Farrell Jr. With such a large group of expertise and experience to call upon, Jones will have a large array of leadership to guide him as he continues to learn his craft.

He's well beyond his peers, positioning himself as an elite duke of destruction....a riveting O-line annihilator who will subsequently continue his metamorphosis into a first class Tiger of the highest order.

Here's our exclusive interview with his head coach at St. James, the legendary, championship-winning Coach Robert Valdez!

And our profile on Saivion, breaking down his wondrous sophomore, junior & senior seasons at St. James.


by Lonn Phillips Sullivan @LonnPhillips

Copyright 2021 Uninterrupted Writings Inc LLC

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