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by LONN PHILLIPS SULLIVAN @LonnPhillips The most productive overall DE in America isn't Korey Foreman.... Our favorite DE of the class isn't Korey Foreman... Saivion Jones is that man... While every school including LSU go crazy for the glamour of Korey Foreman's #1 overall ranking, LSU already have someone much more effective and devastating among their commitments. Although I would love to sign Korey, I don't think Foreman wants LSU. Besides, should our staff waste the energy pursuing him?

Despite his illustrious talents, Foreman may be more of the flashy sports car we want but don't necessarily need...Raesjon will disagree here...we'd love to have him Raesjon!! And if the Centennial High powerhouse is a bit of a wild card, then St. James' Saivion Jones is the actual wrecking ball Coach Ed Orgeron, D-Line Coach Bill Johnson and Christian LaCoutoure will rely upon for the next few seasons. Alongside electric freshmen like DE B.J Ojulari (#2 rated freshman in the SEC), DT Jaquelin Roy (2 sacks vs FLA), junior showman DE Ali Gaye (9.5 TFLs, 2 sacks), potential returners Andre Anthony (although I doubt it) and Apu Ika, Orgeron's 2021 DL nucleus of Maason Smith, Landon Jackson, Zavier Carter, (probably) Bryce Langston and LSU's defensive line find themselves as the undisputed #1 trench-consuming unit in the country....and that's with Foreman still a shred of a possibility. Jones is just that good....and together next to these other top QB Chasers, Erasers and Defacers, Saivion's presence will help bring the best out of the upperclassmen, too (all 2020 LSU D-linemen are fully aware the St. James master of O-Line puppets could genuinely take their spot next year). Over the past three seasons, St. James were nearly indestructible on defense when Jones was on the field at DE: Due to Saivion's 25 relentless pressures and 13 venomous sacks, St. James' secondary had their hands all over the football for a record 26 INTs and 26 PDs....or, Jones and co would finish in the backfield, sacking QBs for kicks, forcing fumbles like he's playing Bingo, rejecting passes at the line of scrimmage using his 6'5 250 pound Adonis range, mass and wingspan.

As a junior during 2019, Jones broke out before the nation's top scouts and recruiting services, forcing 13 sacks as well as pressuring QBs 25 times from 15 total games; Jones' unceasing siege upon opposition passers forced one crucial mistake after another as St. James ran the table for an undefeated, historic state title victory....

To highlight his greatness, Jones hit 90 Tackles during the season, 67 being solo a defensive end!!! For a DE to also be the third ranked tackler on that title winning team is also staggering proof of his all-encompassing abilities....I mean good Lord, this was a group who amassed 109.5 TFLs on the season with two 100+ tackle players (Jones with 29 TFLs!!!! No...that's not a typo)....

Such was St. James' dominance last year, during that same fall, their stunning defense were compared to 2019 LSU's offense...and they'd earned every compliment or comparison. St. James' defense last year was something akin to the Louisiana High school football version of the '85 Bears....they were imperious...almost scary to watch in action. Sometimes the hits made your eyes flinch or heart grimace.... Though his overall numbers may have dropped slightly this year, mostly this anomaly was due to 2020's pandemic shortening the season by 4 games, when you look at the game to game numbers, Saivion actually improved his tackles per game, geauxing from 6.0 tackles per game in 2019 to 6.3 in 2020 as his sacks per game average only dropped from 0.9 to 0.6; additionally, Jones continued to affect the passing game, his 3 PD from 2019 were doubled to 6 throughout 2020's trip to the semifinals, all as St. James stole 20 more INTs and rejected a further 27 passes..... ....frenzied greatness everywhere you look... After 2019-2020 brought LSU some big time talents in Ojulari, JUCO transfer All Gaye, Roy, Guillory, Alabama's Eric Taylor, Apu Ika and Joseph Evans among others, make no mistake, outside of Maason Smith, there isn't a more critical DL than Jones from 2021's class. Once Saivion's 6'5 Himalayan frame bulks from 250 to 275 pounds under LSU's 20 year strength and conditioning veteran Tommy Moffitt, we'll see his influence grow even further. If his health remains at its current state, I predict Saivion Jones will become one of LSU's greatest defensive linemen of all time, an immediate threat and close starter, such is his unbridled set of expansive tools, towering height, vengeful girth, and razor sharp IQ. No joke...

Anchored by interior beasts Jaquelin Roy, Jacobian Guillory, 2021's Maason Smith, and most likely Apu Ika....pushed to the limit on the outside by Ojulari, Gaye, Happeville Charter's Zavier Carter and Landon Jackson's hunt for reps, LSU will get the best from Jones every time he steps on to the field.

SIGNING: Saivion is a silent signature for LSU, though he's waiting to sign with his entire legendary class at St. James in February....HE IS 100% LSU!!! Classy Tiger, eh?

As far as his ceiling as an SEC and NFL talent?

I would say his ceiling is higher than Snoop Dogg on a Friday night....or well...every night....

ST. JAMES STATS: JUNIOR & SENIOR YEAR 159 total (119 solo) 20 sacks

47 TFLs!!!

42 Pressures

3 FF

6 FR


1 INT 9 PD

3 safeties scored

2 blocked punts BREAKDOWNS 2019 90 Tackles (67 solo) -3rd leading tackler

3 PDs

13 sacks

25 pressures

2 forced fumbles

3 fumble recoveries

1 blocked punt

29 TFLs!!!

-2 safeties scored



69 total (52 solo) -2nd Leading tackler

18 TFLs

7 sacks


1 Forced fumble

3 Fumble recoveries

17 QB Hurries

6 PD


-1 Scored safety

-1 blocked punt BLACK LIVES MATTER By LONN PHILLIPS SULLIVAN @LonnPhillips COPYRIGHT 2020 UNINTERRUPTED WRITINGS INC LLC SHOUTOUTS: You know who you are.... You can say whatever you want, you won't stop me baby.

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