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"Thank you so much to Coach O for bringing me into this wonderful organization. I think that one thing me and him have in common is we wanna win. It takes dedication, perseverance, the will to bring in the right players as well as work with the right people to achieve high accolades...especially in the SEC. It was an honor just to be hired to coach defensive line...which I've been playing & coaching my entire career. And I'm blessed to be here."

-How do you describe your teaching philosophy, from Shea Dixon:

"Teaching is teaching no matter what level of football you're on. Whether it's high school, collegiate or the NFL...what you have to do is you have to set a foundation. It's through years of experience that I played with and working with great coaches, ya know...starting with my father. My father played for 12 years, coached for 30 years so...ya know, he was my foundation. In addition there's coaches I had in college, Bill Dutton, Pepper Johnson and Greg Blache...those coaches, one thing I learned from them is just the fundamentals & foundations of playing efficient defensive lineman: footwork, hand placement, things of that nature, pass rush, hand eye coordination, foot progression, those are the crucial things that make you an elite defensive lineman."

-Glen West asks (after erroneously saying he only coached for 4-5 years rather than 13)

"what made you wanna switch back down to college from the NFL?"

"I never thought of it as 'coming down from the NFL to college'...I think, in general coaching is coaching. For me, and I told Coach O this, obviously I interviewed for some NFL teams and it just didn't work out. So in the collegiate level I looked into it and LSU was there. I just looked at it as an opportunity with an elite program. I was very fortunate to coach players like LSU alumni Davon Godchaux, he's very happy for me. For me, coaching itself is an opportunity...for me, I just wanted to continue my journey to develop & learn football & I'm working with some great coaches, and I'm happy to reconnect with Daronte Jones who I worked with for the Miami Dolphins. You want growth, you wanna aim for something higher.

Sure in a sense it's more laterally (his move), but it's just more improvement as far as developing my game, and it's an honor."

- @LSUBeatTweet Glen Guilbeau asks "How did you tell Coach O 'no' when he was recruiting you at USC and you went to Cal?"

-"That's a Dad question, you'll have to ask Reuben Carter, you'll have to ask my Dad that cause he said 'you ain't goin' to USC' so I was like 'okay man, you called it', you'll have to call him up on that one."

-On Following Coach O's career:

"Football is like a revolving circle, the fact that he recruited me back in my high school days and now we're here, It's amazing how time passes and what an honor and opportunity. Every day you wake up, see the stadium and say 'wow I'm here'...I'm ready to coach football."

-Brody Miller: How does the D-Line coaching dynamic between Coach O & himself work?

"I've always been a team player. Me and Coach O have talked and we both have a passion for defensive line. If anything, I'm learning from. Here's a man that's been in the game for such a long period of time and hopefully I'm blessed to coach as long as he has. It's about understanding our roles & the foundations, but one thing we have in common: we wanna win, we're very hard on our players, we critique our players...and one thing we love: we love watching film...and so it's a great connection to have such a guy who's so heavily involved in the defense because he takes pride in it. Who wouldn't wanna work with a guy like that?"

-What do you see in the 2021 defensive line:

"It's great that you see the returning seniors coming back for another year. One, it shows they're dedicated to the program and second, they wanna finish on a winning note. They wanna come back and make a statement as a group. It's a big year for them as individuals. But, to the men I've spoke to, I told them "you trust yourself, trust your technique and trust the man next to you and we'll play good football. That's what's important. You make a statement as far as creating a defensive line tradition...that's what Coach O and I believe in, having an efficient defensive line tradition where guys continue to come in, play hard for us and be elite...that's what it boils down to."


by Lonn Phillips Sullivan


Copyright 2021 Uninterrupted Writings Inc LLC


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