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Updated: Dec 19, 2021



I've had some names trickling out of the ether lately....names that make total and absolute sense for LSU's next defensive & offensive coordinators:

First up is Cincy's Mike Denbrock, a coach who's not only had an extensive history & friendship alongside Brian Kelly, he's had on-field success with the former Fighting Irish head fact, he's lately had great success without Kelly, leading up Cincy's CFP-bound offense (where he also doubles as the TE's Coach).

So.....we wonder why hasn't the offensive coordinator been announced yet?

Because he's preparing for the College Football Playoff with Cincy...

Not only was Denbrock a Graduate Assistant at Grand Valley State alongside Brian Kelly, the pair spent 8 seasons together in Allendale, Michigan....gutting through the rough fall weather and grim realities of coaching small conference football.

The pair then reunited when Brian Kelly took the reins at Notre Dame: Kelly had to have Denbrock on his first ever staff at Notre Dame, and he quickly accepted the job as TEs Coach.

Denbrock then coached the WRs throughout 2013 before being given the Offensive Coordinator title in just one season (2014). From 2015-16, Mike was given the Assistant Head Coach / WRs title before leaving for Cincy to start the 2017 campaign.

Yes, Denbrock did leave Kelly's staff at GV State and again at Notre Dame for "other opportunities", although it is intriguing why Denbrock was switched from OC to Assistant Head Coach / WRs....

I feel Denbrock is the guy....not only is his relationship tight enough with Kelly to make this deal happen behind closed doors, Cincy are about to undergo a mass exodus of coaches (perhaps even Head Coach Luke Fickell) as well as key roster cogs. Plus, why wouldn't a trip to the SEC & LSU be attractive to a coach like Mike Denbrock?

We just had this name turned on to us by one of the most in the know people around LSU that I can think of, now backed by a source confirming that Kelly and Denbrock have been "talking & texting back and forth"........Over the next days, I'll prepare to dive in and find more sources to confirm if these two are heading to Baton Rouge or not.

This isn't a hiring announcement....this is merely saying there is a litany of evidence pointing to these two, now backed by a few very reliable sources.

We'll do what we can to get to the bottom of this, but if both are hired, these names bode well for LSU's would be great if the Tigers could announce these hires as soon as possible: expect Brad White's name to be announced first of the two, although White is still more up in the air given Daronte Jones' pedigree.

Stay tuned here.

UPDATE: After conferring with multiple sources, Mike Denbrock looks set to be LSU's next Offensive Coordinator.



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