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Updated: Jun 8


Dominating through the air for the first time in an entire Spring camp, not content with stretches of strong playmaking or merely supplying a couple of "moments", standout LSU WR Chris Hilton Jr, is now finally seeing his fortunes align on the edge of year 4.

    Following his first full season without injury at LSU, the former Zachary High state football & track champion currently displays the same brand of burst he possessed back in 2021, but more than anything, he appears stronger, filled out with more upper body steel in much the same way WR Brian Thomas Jr physically evolved from 2022-2023.

    Catching nearly everything thrown his way, Chris Hilton is torching first team Tiger corners in coverage, off the line, through the air, over the middle, making plays after the catch, making tacklers miss.....Hilton is putting it all together at the right time.

Time....there's that word again, the metaphor that is starting to define a team led by Tigers who waited for their turn, such as QB Garrett Nussmeier, fellow WR Kyren Lacy, or running back Josh Williams....after 3 seasons of false starts due to injuries setting Chris back, he found himself buried among the pecking order of Cortez Hankton's receivers room.

Over his 3 years yet meager 19 appearances, Hilton recorded 415 yards, 3 TD grabs, 22 catches from 39 targets, averaged 18.9 per reception, and 2 drops arriving this past fall.

He's shown delirious home run hitting potential, like his 81 yard TD catch against Kansas State at the end of his freshman year, his beautiful separation-creating route and over the shoulder snag vs Wisconsin, or his 47 yard score when facing Grambling....

Sadly, injuries remain the only reason Tiger fans haven't seen more highlight reel production & playmaking from the young wideout.

Due to 2 seasons of rare appearances, even fewer opportunities, while saddled with injury struggles which delayed his development, Hilton just needed a full year of snaps to put it all together physically, without injury.

In 2023, Hilton may not have exploded out of the stat sheet like the Kool-Aid Man bursting through a living room, but that wasn't on the cards, as he witnessed fellow 2021 freshmen class receivers Malik Nabers & Brian Thomas Jr both eclipse 1,000 yards, 14 TDs, lead the country in receiving & touchdowns respectively, set all time program records, and became 1st Round draft picks on April 25th.

Just like Lacy, you know Chris is daring to dream ahead of a rollercoaster campaign this fall:

Both top LSU receivers are dialed in for a special 2024, assuming the same WRU mantle held by those great Tiger wideouts who came before them, aiming for the ultimate without worry, shyness, fear of the responsibility & anxiety over the onrushing pressure.

Now, during this highly beneficial and increasingly promising offseason for #17, who's seemingly taking one stride after another at an ever-accelerating pace, I'm expecting big things from Chris...for the whole thing to finally come together in 2024.

Led by a QB with whom he has a long standing chemistry, fellow 2021 freshman classmate Garrett Nussmeier, who will be given plenty of time to throw thanks to the nation's best offensive line unit, we should see Hilton take flight as part of a tyrannical 1-2-3 punch consisting of himself, Kyren Lacy, and tight end Mason Taylor.

We've seen this formula play out already, amid LSU's comeback Reliaquest bowl game victory over Wisconsin on New Year's Day, Nussmeier's first start & Sloan / Hankton's first game as playcallers.

Next to paramount performances by Kyren Lacy and Mason Taylor (95 and 88 yards respectively, Lacy's 3rd highest & Taylor's season topper), Hilton Jr also covered the most ground of his 2023 campaign, pulling in 3 passes out of 5 targets for 56 yards and a brilliant toe tapping touchdown.

     Blessed with his combination of nasty, searing pace, as well as overall impressive receiving athleticism & acrobatics, Hilton should be a major, or at least key part of the 2024 LSU offense....and if his dreams can take flight this fall, the Zachary High legend could find himself assuming complete control of opposition defenders & turning into a true game changer by season's end.

If correctly utilized and fully unleashed, Chris Hilton Jr could be the most entertaining 2024 receiver within the SEC....get your popcorn ready.


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If he plays healthy, there should be nothing holding Chris back.

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