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transcribed & analyzed by LONN PHILLIPS SULLIVAN


interview by T-Bob Hebert & Jacob Hester on 104.5 ESPN's OFF THE BENCH

T-BOB: Well... and and and it's crazy Clyde, so like you said 'you're finally getting a little time off, you had a year and a half of football' and within that year and a half, you caught what looked to be a horrific injury, like...I don't understand... honestly bro, I don't understand how...I don't understand how it happened, 'cause when I saw it I said 'oh he's done for the year' there's just nothing to be done...uhm...what was it like, not just kinda going through that your rookie season but then fighting back and making it back for that run at the end of the season?

CLYDE: Just like you said, as soon as it happened I was like 'man, this is it this is the end of my rookie season: came back home and got hurt ya know... right was my initial thought. And then, we went and did the X-rays to make sure if anything was broken, I mean it felt like everything was broken.