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One of LSU's most promising young defenders is now off the team:

A story I've been working on for an extended period of time...why weren't we hearing more about third year Defensive End Phillip Webb as a standout talent at LSU? How come we weren't seeing him since Spring?

Well, the news it turns out, is sad for Phillip and those looking forward to seeing him excel in purple & gold:

Webb, who suffered injury issues throughout his red shirt freshman season (0 appearances), is now reportedly off the team, after a second season in which he only featured in 3 games, recording 1 tackle & supplying 3 total pressures, mostly in a cameo vs Central Michigan.

Webb is reported to have been "released from the program" some time after his participation during Spring practices due to "a concussion injury which has left him unable to play football", a source revealed to us.

When I visited in late March & early April, Webb's #39 was visible clearly, so this leaves the time frame some time in late Spring camp or during the Spring Game itself.

LSU Odyssey reached out to Webb for comment, and he called us after a lengthy period; he told us what went down: "it was not my decision to be medically released by LSU. I'm not worried about my condition at all. I want to play ball and I will somewhere soon. I was hoping to do great things at LSU."

We learned that Webb suffered a concussion the week of the Alabama game and then during Spring practices this April; Then, after his tests and scans, the medical staff didn't feel comfortable putting him back on the field, despite the edge rusher telling us his scans showed "nothing severe or major".

A silver lining to this story, Webb was able to keep his scholarship at LSU, despite the removal from the football program.

When I asked if there was a possibility for his return before the start of the 2022 season, he seemed extremely skeptical & doubtful on that subject.



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Since they retained his scholarship, I believe the staff did what they thought was best for Philip long term. I feel sorry for him, and hope he makes a decision that is best for him to maintain his long term health.

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Jul 17, 2022
Replying to

people on TigerDroppings calling me a liar about this...all because I changed the tweets so it didn't say concussions and just said "on field health concerns".

I don't know why he's still on the roster list on the site, but the dood told me he was off the team and so did family members and some other source which started this all off.

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