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"I believe Emile is ahead of the game in his development. Very advanced compared to everyone in his class. He’s exceeded expectations....he's either gonna play for you or play against you..."
"He’s at the top of the list for sure. No reason he shouldn’t be in the conversation for being one of the nation's top 2025 quarterbacks. Checks every box...."

- Wyatt Davis (Private QB Guru) on Emile Picarella

LONN: Obviously you got into football young, but were you ALWAYS wanting to be a QB?

EMILE: I started out in youth football on the line because my height and weight didn’t allow me to touch the ball, but since before I can remember I could always throw balls well.

LONN: What intrigued you most about the QB position?

EMILE: My dad spent time with my brother and I playing catch. So that’s why I wanted to be a QB because I was told I couldn’t at first, because that’s what I did with my Dad and because I can most affect the game outcome there.

LONN: Did you find it easy at first to identify as a QB, being the guy, the leader, the man everyone's watching on every play? Or was that something you had to adjust to?

EMILE: I want that pressure. I want the ball with the game on the line. There’s really no better position to be in outside of up by 3 TDs. I would love to know how great Burrow felt going into Bryant-Denny Stadium and quieting that crowd. Doesn’t get better than that, man.

LONN: So you just said it, LSU, Joey B, the Tigers, let's talk about your upbringing in Louisiana close to Death Valley: what did LSU mean to you growing up?

EMILE: My family and I have been going to LSU football games since before the South Stadium Club was built......
....I have grown up in Death Valley.

LONN: What's your favorite game memory you had with your family?

EMILE: That’s hard. Honestly probably Odell’s kick-six. Or Fournette going for over 200 against Auburn.

LONN: Who are your favorite all time players in LSU history?

EMILE: My all time favorite is JB9, but before he came along, Tyrann Mathieu.

LONN: Besides how great he is, what made you love Joe Burrow?

EMILE: Burrow cares about people. He used his Heisman speech to raise awareness for hungry children in Ohio. He’s a great guy.

LONN: When you were young in the stands watching these games, did you say "that's going to be me one day"?

EMILE: Sure I said that and so does my younger brother. We know we can do anything because we were raised that way.

LONN: Once you started playing football, when did you first recognize that being a QB was something that you weren't just good at, but potentially elite at?

EMILE: I knew that I was elite the first time I went to a camp in Atlanta when I was 12. Everyone else would know that I’m elite, but I have 5 brothers and sisters so I am rarely able to attend the showcase camps that I have been invited to.

LONN: Any camps you'll be headed to in the future?

EMILE: I'll be going to Elite 11, Rivals and Under Armour this year. But I don’t need 40 offers. There’s only one that I want that I don’t have.

LONN: I know your recruitment is early stages but who's been the team that would win your signature TODAY if you had to sign?

EMILE: Today I would commit to Ole Miss because of Kiffin and Weis' offense. I want to throw bombs and score from far.

LONN: Who are the teams competing hardest for you?

EMILE: Ole Miss, Florida State and Texas are the ones fighting the most.

LONN: How has your relationship been recruiting wise with LSU? Did you have any contact with the Orgeron staff before or Kelly staff now?

EMILE: I call Coach Sloan. Used to hear from Peetz after camp last year. I have met Coach Denbrock but have no offer from LSU and was surprised not to be the first 2025 Quarterback they offered. But I like Coach Sloan. He loves to teach and is very good at it. Shoot, I'll throw for Coach Sloan any day.

LONN: Right there, you said "I'll throw for him any day", what gives you that vibe from Coach Sloan that this is a guy I would trust developing me for the next level?

EMILE: Because he loves coaching and teaching. I’d follow Sloan anywhere. He loves what he’s doing and that’s easy to read. I trust Sloan like I do my Dad.

LONN: What made you trust Sloan like that? And how many times would you say you two talk together?

EMILE: We basically talk every weekend. I trust him like that because of the relationship we started after LSU camp last year when he was at Louisiana Tech. He is very into mechanics and I like to learn how to improve my stroke.

LONN: Ah, so you guys go back a while now?!

EMILE: Yup, that's why i was surprised he didn't offer once a 2025 offer went out at QB.

I sure hope they offer soon. It feels like home when I’m there, because I have been so many times and I can’t wait to rep that jersey and win games in Tigers Stadium.

I won't stop grinding until they offer.


(Saint Joseph Catholic, 2021 Stats)

2,126 Passing Yards

141/218 (64% Completion)

20 TDs

6 INTs



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