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Updated: Feb 7, 2022





-4 Years Eligibility Remaining

Metairie, Louisiana-native Kolbe Fields played one season for South Carolina, his freshman debut where he recorded a single tackle throughout 4 appearances for the Gamecocks.

Out of Rummel, Fields shares a few former teammates among the Tigers' roster (an example: Quinton "Pig" Cage), which is an apparent and obvious pattern concerning LSU's transfer strategy: Louisiana natives....but not just any Louisiana native...former high school teammates of LSU's current veteran roster.....pillars of the roster.....reunited with friends on a team, in a situation neither thought would ever be possible....until the transfer portal.

Fields recorded an outrageous 98 tackles as a junior at Rummel, adding 12.5 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks, 3 INTs (1 INT returned for a touchdown), 3 PBUs, 1 fumble recovery as an elite level linebacker leading a historic defense: shutting opponents out of the end zone for 8 of 10 regular season games across 2019; the results escorted the Raiders to a state title game trip.

Throughout his senior season, Kolbe was utilized in many different ways by Rummel's defensive staff, including the deepest free safety, the first pass-rusher flying off the edge from a disguised blitz, twisting inside through the interior, dropping back into didn't matter....

...Fields impacted games in a prodigious, wunderkind display of defensive anticipation & playmaking, batting away passes into the arms of fellow teammates, savagely pile-driving quarterbacks into the dirt, organizing his teammates pre, mid and post was as if Kolbe could see the game in slow motion....

Before his move to LB, Fields even played quarterback for Rummel, with mixed results as a's clear to anyone paying attention: the Tigers just signed an all around specimen athlete in Kolbe Fields.

Now official a week after LSU Odyssey's subscriber only report, Fields' arrival at LSU is another major boost for Matt House's previously weakened linebacking corps; now boasting experience (Baskerville, Jones Jr), talented sophomores or third year guys (Greg Penn III, Josh White, hopefully Antoine Sampah, Zavier Carter, incoming sophomore transfers like Whit Weeks plus Fields himself) and explosive freshmen (Harold Perkins & Demario Tolan), the Tigers are rocking and rolling at linebacker for 2022.

With Fields added on top growing depth, LSU have a chance to be elite at the linebacker position this season....



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