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(13 Games) 1,413 Yards 24 TDS 22.8 Yards Per Catch 62 Catches

2020 STATS:

(10 Games)


7 TDs


18.1 AVG













31.0 AVG


HUDL VIDEO                At 20.7 MPH, Atkins High wide receiver (and free safety) Kreed Stubbs is the 4th fasted player in the nation currently according to; yet somehow he still has 0 stars next to his name...but just like disrespected greats before him, such as Justin Jefferson, Joe Burrow etc, Kreed hasn't let the lack of attention distract him from becoming the best player in Arkansas.               His junior season in 2019 was legendary, catching 62 passes for 1,413 yards, averaging a phenomenal, Ja'Marr Chase-esque 22.8 yards per catch....               However, the real kicker?

              24 TD receptions, good for 19th total amongst all players (including total TDs from QBs) in Arkansas, 3rd most for wide receivers in the state, while his yards were 3rd amongst wideouts across the state, too. On the defensive side he added 36 tackles (25 solo), 3 passes defended, 2 INTs, 2 Forced Fumbles and 2 recoveries. Kreed pulled off a rare feat as a WR who also has the stamina or physicality to play free safety, however, this is just the kind of multiplicity LSU's coaches would be thirsting for.                 Kreed will become one of the true breakout stars of 2020, and we're hell bent on making sure everyone realizes who he is, how good he's been, how great he will become and why his talents are exacting for the LSU Tigers.                  Wherever Kreed ends up, they'll be claiming an overwhelming talent, one who's speed hasn't even hit its apex yet: that's the scary thing...Kreed can only get better from henceforth, such is the intangibles his father Alan and his great coaches instilled within him:                  A gritty work ethic, an obsessive attention to detail, pure genetic speed which doesn't rely on silky agility or busting out moves (his father also ran a 4.3 40 in college): This is a kid who has the same speed profile as guys like Alvin Kamara, Clyde Edwards-Helaire or Percy Harvin: just a little shift of the hips and he's completely left massive would-be tacklers in the dust... light years behind.

              Alongside childhood friend and Atkins High QB Elijah Robinson, Stubbs and Robinson put up religious numbers, toasting every defense in Arkansas for a ridiculous six games over 40+ points, one over 50 (a 52 point response to a 56-27 loss the game previous), 9 games of 34+ points...and the high flying spread offensive attack of Coach Tom Coady's unit is highlighted by the filthy good Kreed Stubbs. #23 quickly became dominant: Against Perryville, Stubbs caught 241 of Robinson's 357 total passing yards, 131 of Elijah's total 191 vs Two Rivers, 191 of his senior QB's 391 vs Harrisburg, while amassing 434 yards and 5 TDs from 14 catches during the two game Playoff run (a sickening 31 yards per catch). Catching touchdowns in every game but the Week 3 match up vs Magnet Cove, posting a filthy eight multi-touchdown games, Kreed also registered 5+ receptions in 7 games, snagging six 100+ yard performances, four occasions in which he went over 150+, as well as Stubbs snagging 200+ yards hammer in the point about #23 Kreed Stubbs' atrocious playmaking ability, the Atkins High freak of nature has racked up significant yards after catch with remarkable long TD plays of 88, 81, 74, 77, 68, 65 and 51 (74 yards for a TD on the first play of a playoff game vs McGeehee),                Though they fell short to McGeehee in the 2nd Round of the playoffs, the defeat did nothing to hamper Kreed Stubbs' greatness, only highlighting his importance and pushing the receiver to improve even further:                 QB Elijah Robison tossed for 256 yards, 4 TDs and 1 interception, completing 7 of his 23 attempts...however, 6 of those passes were caught by #23 Stubbs for 243 yards, averaging an incendiary 40.5 yards per grab, 259 of Atkins' 317 total yards coming from Stubbs' as well as all 4 touchdowns. With an upcoming senior season put on hold by the Covid-19 pandemic, Kreed can't wait to get back out there and show the world he can become even better, so...we felt it was our duty to discuss the future with this brilliant player. Hailing from a home divided by Arkansas and LSU loyalties, Kreed wouldn't mind saddling up at either school in his near future...however, it wouldn't be shocking if Kreed were to eclipse his savage junior year and geaux for 30 TDs as a senior, with an aim for the state title.... If he does increase his magic in 2020, which he will, Coach Ed Orgeron and his WRs Coach Mickey Joseph would have to take a hard look at the most explosive player in Arkansas' recent memory. After a few days of discussion between Kreed & his father Alan Stubbs (thanks to @Peggredd's introduction), we delved into an intriguing interview about Kreed's past accomplishments, his family life and his future goals: OUR LSUODYSSEY.COM exclusive with Atkins High Wide Receiver / Free Safety Kreed Stubbs: LONN: How's it going Kreed? So Kreed are you playing at WR and free safety again this year or shifting back to corner and WR? KREED STUBBS: Hey it's going great! Yes, I will be playing both ways next year. WR for sure and where ever I’m needed on defense. LONN: How much are you weighing now? Still 5'11? KREED: I’m weighing around 160 and around 5’11.

LONN: Your speed is electric, but more than that, I don't think I've seen you bobble a catch in any of your film. How many drops you have last year? No shame my man! KREED: I think I only had a max of 5 drops give or take. LONN: Every defense in Arkansas' 3-A is going to double or triple team you in some way next year, how will you try to thwart that? KREED: I’m gonna work on beating the defender off the line and do whatever it takes to make the play. LONN: What was your best game of 2019? KREED: Perryville, I scored all 3 touchdowns on them from the same route.  Then, against Dover, I scored 2 touchdowns on them and a 2 point conversion...that game means more because they're our biggest rivals. LONN: Kreed, is there a specific weakness in your game you'd like to improve upon? KREED: The big thing I really want to work on is getting bigger before next season.

LONN: What would you say is your biggest strength? KREED:  I think my biggest strength is my speed and making plays after I catch the ball. LONN: When was the first moment you realized you could be a great football player? KREED: I’ve always been told by my dad that I’m good and really fast, but I never really believed it. I guess the moment I realized was my junior year at all of the team camps and 7 on 7’s. LONN: Like Ja'Marr Chase catching 20 TDs and having record numbers, your 24 TDs and nearly 1,500 yards as well as 62 catches is filthy Kreed...absolutely legit...3-A, 4-A, 19-A, doesn't matter...they have to watch the tape...your natural big play ability is pure, legit greatness, also while playing free safety.... Can those numbers be improved in your senior year? If they weren't would you consider the season a failure for you individually? KREED: Thank you Lonn, I believe that I will improve those numbers! If I didn’t, I still wouldn’t call the season a failure. I have no idea on how next season will go, but I know for sure that I'll work as hard as I can to make playmaker plays! LONN: Tell us all how life is and was growing up in the Stubbs family? KREED: I’ve always been at Atkins since Pre-School. My Dad and Mom got a divorce when I was young and ever since then i’ve lived with my Dad. I have always looked up to my Dad and wanted to be as good as him. I started playing football in the second grade. I started off playing quarterback back until the fourth grade and broke both bones in my right forearm. After that, I played running back.             Then I finally found my way to wide receiver around the sixth grade. My dad has taught me so much about football and just everything he knows. I have 4 Brothers (oldest to youngest) Deric, Checotah, Ridge, and Canaan. I also have 3 sisters, (oldest to youngest) Kayla, Laison, and Aliana. I also have 3 step siblings. Life has been pretty great with my family. LONN: You should be ready: as a great offensive threat and the prime target, you'll be jammed heavily off the line, it's the only way to successfully defend you. What needs to be stronger in your game to fight through the jams? KREED: I’ve always been taught how to fight someone off the line. I’m pretty confident about getting off the line next season! LONN: As someone who's lived through the tragedy of divorce, what was your most challenging time dealing with it and how did you get through it if you have? KREED: The most challenging thing as a kid was that all of my friends parents were still together and married. I just learned that it’s okay to be different from others.  LONN: Tell us a bit about any recruiting or scouts who've followed you and what their impression was. You said the Arkansas Razorbacks remain interested ? KREED: There have been several recruiters and scouts that have followed me and talked to me. Most of them have said that they "really love my film and see a lot of potential in me". Coach Stepp from Arkansas follows me, along with some other recruiters! LONN: Against Glen Rose in 2019, they triple teamed you! You went 3 for 43, still caught a TD and had a 25 yard gain, but they were somewhat successful for the most part (35-7 defeat). Have you gone back and studied that tape and what did it tell you? KREED: I’ve thought about that game many times. It just told me what kind of player I am. I was triple teamed and still scored off of a post route. LONN: So what I love from your tape more than anything is that blindside block you can throw, wow. Total Hines Ward stuff. Unlike most WRs, have you always embraced the physicality? KREED: Yes sir, I’ve became a lot more physical last season than I have ever been!  LONN: Your hands look so strong. Like you high five the jam and then slap em away like you've got a 6'5 wingspan but you're only 160. It's impressive. Are you looking to gain more weight? I'd love to see you get up to 170, 175 by fall. KREED: I appreciate that! Yeah I really want to get up to 180. It’ll take a lot of work to do but I think it'll be for the best.

LONN: If there were one aspect about you as a person that you'd want anyone to know what would it be? If there were one side to you as a player you would want to be known most? KREED:  As a person: God gets all of the glory and as a player: no one will work harder than me. LONN: Kreed, thank you so much!! KREED: No problem! Thank you so much for doing the interview.



KREED, ALAN & THE STUBBS FAMILY!! You guys are family now! Fred From Plano, you are the man! Hillie, hope you're doin fine! Tony Two Bets, thank you! Practice always pays off my friend.  AD can't wait for Pelini D. Jamie it's not gray, it's charcoal black! Last but never least, Maryrose Welch for her epic fight through tragedy, trials and now triumph, she is a woman of great courage. We salute you and your son here at lsuodyssey as the son of a proud Vietnam veteran. Thank you to all of you!! Season is almost upon us! 

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