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It was just last year when LSU Odyssey published an in depth look at Tackett Curtis' frayed relationship with LSU, why that was the case, and how the Tigers found themselves at such a lowly position for one of the state's highest rated prospects.

Talking to the closest sources possible, this site presented an accurate look behind the scenes of Blake Baker's non-existent recruiting style; it was not a popular "take" at the time, given the fan base's approval of Baker & most of Orgeron's 2021 staff.....(at that time)....

The truth can sting: with Baker on staff, LSU found themselves massively behind the eight ball for Tackett Curtis' signature, getting lit up on the trail by Oklahoma, USC, Notre Dame, Clemson, Georgia, alongside dozens more.

At the same time, instead of raising questions concerning LSU's recruiting acumen under Ed Orgeron, some fans lazily believed Curtis "didn't like LSU", while some ridiculous Alabama-oriented rumors gathered steam on notorious sites such as "Tiger Shit. com" & 247's forums.

These reactionary, emotionally driven antics created further distance between Curtis and a purple & gold uniform....

But following the release of this site's intense article, online message board drama surrounding the recruitment of Many High's "Rambo" may have simmered down a bit, still, provocative questions are now being asked:

Our sources made it known Tackett would never play for Blake Baker or Coach Orgeron....but what about Brian Polian and Brian Kelly?

Well, the former Notre Dame bosses are off to a strong start with Tackett, offering him back in May 2021 during their stint in South Bend, just a month after Coach O's late, beleaguered, wide eyed "invite"....

Over the entire 10 months Baker coached for LSU, he spoke to Tackett on the phone for all of 35 seconds;

After one meeting together at Many High, the Tigers' Special Teams / Recruiting Coordinator Brian Polian has already blasted that running time out of the water.

More than an extended hang out, Kelly & Polian's early recruitment of Tackett (dating back to their Notre Dame days) provides LSU's 2022 staff with a brand of credibility Orgeron's crew were never coming close to reaching....

Now that our coaches are finally recruiting Tackett Curtis, Brian Polian officially re-offering Many High's intrepid footballer first, before Coach Joe Sloan backed up the second chat on Friday 1/28, LSU might actually have a shot at 2023's #1 overall defender.

Leading his Uncle Jess Curtis' Many High Tigers in both phases of the game, Tackett's innate footballing mind jettisoned the Tigers through the playoff gauntlet with dominance, appearing in consecutive state title games, winning it all in 2020 and just coming up short this past December.

Curtis is a total football throwback, capable of playing any position on the field: from's 13 game sample size, Tackett listed 103 tackles (67 solo), 12.5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and an interception on defense, then passed for 320 yards and 2 TDs, before adding 494 rushing yards and 3 more scores on the ground.

He told me those incredible numbers aren't complete...

It would be a shame to see another 5 star level Louisiana talent leave state, and when you take into account how much The Curtis Family love LSU, then even the possibility of Tackett rocking Alabama red, Clemson orange or USC's ketchup & mustard starts to feel like someone ripping your spleen out with a rope...

Now, Brian Polian and Kelly's new look staff give us hope....and so we just had to ask the young man at the center of it all.

I caught up with the Many High junior to find out what he felt about his first real recruiting chat from LSU:

LONN: How are you doing, Tackett?

TACKETT: I'm doing really well!

LONN: How was it talking to Coach Polian?

TACKETT: It was good to see him and get to visit with him for a little bit.

LONN: Did you know him from before? So many programs have offered you, weren't Notre Dame in the mix, too, when Kelly & Polian were there?

TACKETT: Yes sir, Notre Dame had offered and I had talked to several folks from up there, but never him (Polian).

LONN: How did it go? What did you think of your visit?

TACKETT: I enjoyed it. It was the beginning of a relationship. I’m glad he made the effort to come see me.

LONN: Since this was the first time Coach Polian met you, what did he ask about you?

TACKETT: He was just finding out about me and our team's season. Asked me where I was at in my recruitment.

LONN: Do you feel there's a larger effort from LSU to recruit you now?

TACKETT: Too early to tell. They are way behind right now and it’s not the new staff's fault. They are starting to get the relationship started. I will see how it goes after they get their 22 class signed.

There are several awesome schools recruiting me harder but I know LSU is just behind trying to get 22 and (their) roster filled out.




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Jan 29, 2022

Good Stuff Lonn


I sure wish the prior staff had made better effort, but so am much more at peace with the bee coaching team’s effort. If it’s too late, so be it, but this team is not asleep at the switch.

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Jan 30, 2022
Replying to

Exactly my guy Louis! We at least have a chance!

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