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Due to missed games, lack of production because of a poor offensive line / play-calling mix, Ty Davis-Price and John Emery suffered off kilter sophomore years, although both still provided strong moments of where they could be headed in 2021:

Ty Davis-Price specifically played a big role for this team early and often, despite his lack of carries or plays.

Although he only edges running back accomplice John Emery Jr in total yards (493 to Emery's 451) and while some may prefer Emery as their chosen starter, Davis-Price is still the better back, we just didn't get to see his greatness due to an inept offensive line and poor play-calling which led TDP straight into hits and tackles far in the backfield right as he accepted the was unfair for #3, here in his sophomore year ready to break out after a 6 touchdown destruction during his freshman year.

In the two games he received over 20 rushes, Ty eclipsed 100 yards, scored a touchdown and LSU won both games (vs Arkansas & South Carolina)....he was also extremely effective with his touches, producing 4.3 on average over the entire season and over 4 yards per carry on 4 occasions, led by his 6.9 vs Florida, a game where he was injured early...just as he was proving to be no match for the Gators once again.

While alternating drives with John Emery Jr, Ty Davis-Price was proving unstoppable, already at 8 carries for 55 yards by the start of the 2nd quarter, almost every rush becoming a 6-10 yard gain followed by a first down, setting up touchdown drives by LSU.

Even as #3's ankle was throbbing in pain, he forced the Gators to drag him to the ground to get him down. There's a feeling amongst LSU people who really know Ty....that man was about to geaux for 200 that night.

Before his injury ended his season a game early, it was tough for Ty (or John, Chris) to grab a hold of the game when they were tossed in and tossed out like rag dolls by a staff without a plan...there were times Ty was getting hot, gashing and blasting opponents, only to be removed from the game early on for multiple drives at a time...wasting his otherworldly talents...abilities Nick Saban wouldn't be wasting right now had Ty made that choice, whether Najee Harris is there or not.

Against Alabama he opened strong with a 9 yard rush, only to be cast away for an important 3rd down and 2 which John Emery Jr didn't have the right profile to run...that guy had just been taken out of the game.

Even as he scored vs Missouri, Ty only received the ball an outrageous 9 times for 38 yards....only twice did Ty Davis-Price ever rush for more than 11 times and he rushed for 100 each time....against Auburn he rushed 3 times for 0 yards...He was also robbed of a filthy receiving touchdown by the refs against Arkansas....and yet, this explosive back still racked up half a thousand yards in 9 games (including Auburn) behind an offensive line resembling a "running back's death row" more than protection (thanks to the constant injuries and absences causing a lack of chemistry).

So many fruitless drives were tossed away after inspiring plays and strong beginnings due to an inexplicable sideline decision to remove the hot hand or take away 1 key cog of a tight combination.

...with Jake Peetz's knowledge of running back greatness (his time as RBs Coach at Carolina saw Christian McCaffery lead the NFL in all purpose yards & touchdowns)...we expect Peetz to find a multitude of ways for Ty's inclusion in the game plan, not just as a bruising power runner, but as an off tackle or outside edge rushing threat as well as a receiving danger.

Ty can be destructive for defenses in the short passing game, almost impossible to defend when Kayshon Boutte, Jaray Jenkins, Koy Moore, Chris Hilton, Deion Smith or Jack Bech are coming at ya....

2020's stop-start madness could very well be a trial by fire, a gauntlet of awful tests for Ty to drag himself through...and now that he's on the other side with a strong recovery from his ankle injury going according to plan, 2020 could just be a prelude for an explosive 2021 from TDP.

Could he do what Clyde did in 2019?

With a renewed offensive staff, potentially an improved line and overall improvement from #3 himself, don't bet against him.



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