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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

An LSU ODYSSEY Exclusive Interview


Grayson High's Athlete:

Terian Williams II.

I found out about Terian Williams II during the recruiting surge of 2019, but yet again the tidal wave of names flowing around at that time (Caleb Williams, Arik Gilbert, Garrett Nussmeier, Deion Smith, etc) drowned out so many who still had two years left in high school to play....and then again, Joe Burrow was hypnotizing us all into a deluge of title-winning fever and uninhibited glory we'd never imagined right then...we'd already won championships, but now we had the title-winning staff and infrastructure to stay in this thing for the long haul.... Later on, when Terian's name came back around my way, we knew he had to be the subject of an LSU Odyssey exclusive interview.

This young man took over the entire state of Georgia for much of his footballing career, playing quarterback, cornerback and safety with devastating, blistering success. He was rushing for touchdowns, picking off passes and returning them for touchdowns with a graceful, effortless ease; then Terian became comfortable in "man to man" or safety "help over the top" coverage scenarios alike, becoming a complete DB highlight show at Parkview and Grayson.

Sickeningly, Kirby Smart's Georgia failed to offer the young Williams this entire time within their own back-yard. But with LSU's reach into Georgia growing deeper by the day, one perennial loser's "not a player" is a defending national champion's jackpot, just ask John Emery Jr (not from Georgia but he was basically on the roster for a second there), Jay Ward, Arik Gilbert, B.J Ojulari, Phillip Webb, 2021 primetime safety Khari Gee, and LSU's single-season sack record holder Arden Key among a host of many many others...

Terian still has room to grow at 6'0 and 180, sporting a highly skilled frame which has proven durable, adaptable and has maintained such high standards due to Terian's intensive work ethic. I can only imagine Terian & Tommy Moffitt becoming very good friends in the near future.

Every single player, coach, parent or sibling we've interviewed always talk about work ethic being their pinnacle, in nearly every one of our interviews, published or unpublished...

But for a young man of his age, facing such perilous times, his rise shines a little light on the future for us all, even if only for a fleeting moment when he aces another AP test on his way towards a major in engineering, or when he made intense, unselfish sacrifices for his family, or when he rips the ball from the receiver's hands and cruises through would-be tacklers towards the end zone....Terian remains primed for high octane glory.

Why do you think collegiate recruiting is so huge right now in our country?

Because everyone is desperate for that brighter future...

Terian Williams II, out of the class of 2022 from the state of Georgia, is part of that new dawn...


(Grayson High School, Georgia)

2019 STATS:





LONN: How you doing Terian??? TERIAN: I’m great how are you?

LONN: Doin' alright, my man. So first question, you can play corner, strong or free safety and you played quarterback for a looooong time: What's your favorite position? TERIAN: More than likely I will play all, I don’t have a preference, I will line up against the other teams best receiver, Coach Raymond said I "remind him of The Honey Badger". LONN: Really? When was this?

TERIAN: Back in January, he asked me if "I ran track", and I told him the 100/200 meter relay.

LONN: So no particular attribute which reminded him of the Honeybadger, just the track aspect?

TERIAN: Yes, he asked me what events I did.

LONN: Well LSU is the right place to geaux for a guy like you. TERIAN: Lol that’s what I’m told. I see Arik Gilbert getting back healthy LONN: Yes! He is looking mean and strong!!! So how has the recruiting gone with Coach Corey Raymond? What does he tell you about what you can do and how did he find out about you? TERIAN: It’s going well, Coach and I speak every other week. He likes me as a DB and punt returner, he likes my versatility in terms of playing all the positions on the back. He (Coach Raymond) was watching game film and evaluating players and he heard I was a smart, aggressive player who was explosive...and my game film confirmed those attributes. LONN: Yes it definitely indicates high promise! I'm going to tell you something a bit here, Terian, there's an epic play of yours I have to tell everyone about:

You guys are in your away white and orange (looks too much like Florida for my liking!) and you tracked down this running back who was GONE....I mean he was down the sidelines for 60+ yards for the end zone... and yet you track him down and finish him off, preventing a touchdown. Does that snap define you as a player?

TERIAN: Lol Yes it does....I never give up. Thanks! That was against Milton High, I had a good game. They had a lot of D1 players on offense they won State the previous year:

LONN: Who are your favorite players and people you model your game and life on?

TERIAN: (DBs) Deon Sanders and Rod Woodson; for quarterback, I model my game from Russell Willson when I play a little QB.

LONN: While playing quarterback, did you feel that made you a more complete football player, especially on defense? More than a playmaker, you seem like a bona fide true football do it all. Most players say "hey i'm not gonna do that, I'm a CB" or whatever. You're like "hell man, i can do it all". I respect the hell out of that.

But you're definitely a DB in your mind?

TERIAN: Absolutely, but I'll play anywhere they need me.

LONN: What was the first moment you truly believed you could be a great player?

TERIAN: I’ve accepted the fact that more times than not I’m the best Athlete on the field and if I’m needed on offense, defense or special teams to help my team secure the win I’m all in. I believe I started getting more confidence in 8th grade. I was selected to play on the Georgia FBU National Championship Team, the Under Armour Next All-American Team, Lavar Arrington All-American Game and I received my first D1 offer from Howard University. All of these accolades came within a 2 month period, I knew I was pretty good and I wanted to get better, from there I took the ball and ran with it so to speak.

LONN: Given that Howard has offered you, Florida has offered you and LSU has offered you, does going to a Historically Black Collegiate University (HBCU) appeal to you? Just wanting to know how you, as a young black athlete feel about HBCUs vs Power 5 schools?

TERIAN: Good question. Howard will be in the mix they believed in me before anyone else did. My sister went to an HBCU, Tennessee State University. I think each individual should attend the school that feels like home and if they weren’t an athlete they would attend school there ,regardless if it’s an HBCU or P5

LONN: perfect segue into this question: So far, with plenty of time now until your commitment, Where have you felt at home most??

TERIAN: To be honest I don’t have a favorite or front runner at this time, I was scheduled to hit some camps and campus visits during the spring and summer so that I could talk to coaches face to face to get a feel for them and the program. Of course, that didn’t happen so hopefully next spring and summer I can do that. I plan on committing next summer before the season and enrolling in college January 2022

LONN: What would LSU need to do to get your commitment?

TERIAN: LSU has done a good job recruiting me, hopefully I can make it to a night game. I heard the atmosphere is electric. Spending time with the coaching staff would be a plus as well.

LONN: How do you think your ability to throw the football on the run, manipulate defenses and see the field as a QB will help you as a DB?

TERIAN: Well a true dual threat QB should always have defenses on their heels; They shouldn’t know if he’s passing or running. While playing DB I think like a QB, while playing QB I think like a DB... it helps me stay a step ahead of my opponents.

LONN: How come no love from UGA for you, Terian?! I don't see an offer from them! LSU knew about you since 2019, Mississippi State's in there, Florida State, Rutgers, Indiana, UCF, but no Georgia....why?

TERIAN: Good question I have 23 offers not one from UGA or Tech. My motto is "if you don’t recruit me, you will have to deal with me on Saturdays" (Terian laughs out loud). I have a 4.0 GPA, 1300 SAT, 24 ACT, member of the Beta Club. I will be an engineering major in College.

LONN: An engineering major? That's fantastic!

TERIAN: I love math and science which is essential in engineering. I have about 6 uncles and aunts who are engineers so I guess you can say it runs in the family.

LONN: A family of brainiacs! Would you rather lose a title game or lose in a semifinal?

TERIAN: The further you go in the playoffs, the harder it is to deal with losing. I will admit, I’m not the best person to be around after a loss. If I had to choose, I would prefer losing a semi-final game.

LONN: What events in your life have shaped you? TERIAN: My parents have done a great job shaping, molding and making certain my sisters and I always put academics first, respected others, and always strive to be the best person you can be.

LONN: So when you're doing the ten 60 yard sprints in the subdivision, as you tweeted a while back, what geauxs through your mind?

TERIAN: When training, I always think about Friday nights: one more rep, one more sprint could be the difference between winning and losing.

LONN: You transferred from Parkview to Grayson High?

TERIAN: My sister has a medical condition I needed to be closer to her in the event she needs assistance.

LONN: How has your sister's condition affected you?

TERIAN: All is good, we just want to make sure she had as much family support nearby as possible.

LONN: You're a great brother to leave a whole group of friends, teammates, coaches for your sister.

TERIAN: (humbly) I don't know about all that (laughs out loud) LONN: What type of coaching style do you respect most? Hard ass coaches on you nonstop or more chilled out coaches?

TERIAN: I respect all coaching styles. I can adapt to a players coach or an aggressive no nonsense coach. Just like in life: you adjust or be adjusted. LONN: When did Corey Raymond first start talking to you?

TERIAN: October 2019!

LONN: How was meeting Doug Flutie on your recruiting trip to South Bend?

TERIAN: I didn’t know who Doug Flutie was, but after our picture my Dad told me the history on him. I checked out some of his highlights on YouTube.

LONN: So Terian, where do you see yourself by 2024?

TERIAN: 2024 ? An All American, I will have my Bachelors Degree after two years. LONN: You're fully capable of playing cornerback, both safety spots and quarterback.

If you could pick only one position, which would it be? TERIAN: Probably free safety.

LONN: How do you think you'd fare vs Ja'Marr Chase right now?

TERIAN: Chase is the man, I think Stingley is the only DB who can contain him right now. LONN: Which DB have you studied the most in your spare time? TERIAN: I study Deon Sanders, Ed Reed and Rod Woodson in terms of their technique, physicality, preparation, closing speed and baiting techniques.

LONN: All great players in their own right, Rod was so physical in jamming or battling for the ball but he would impose his will and hardly get flags, Ed Reed is just an all around KingMaster of DB Brutality bro, but Sean Taylor in my opinion was the best to ever do it TERIAN: Sean was built different...

LONN: Yes!!!! i thought he may have been before your time, but it appears you're a student of the game!

TERIAN: Yes my dad is from Jacksonville, Florida he reminds me of all the FSU and Miami greats.

LONN: T, are you geauxing to try and play more corner this year? AND...Do you think you're the full package as a DB?

TERIAN: It will probably be 50/50 CB/Safety. I am the full package.

LONN: LSU preps their DBs by practicing almost exclusively in man to man coverage. They run a lot of man to man drills: are you more of a face-em-up, take-em-on CB or would you be more of a react, make plays by making up ground free safety (as you said you'd like to play that role)?

TERIAN: Man to man all day, every day.

LONN: And What do you wanna tell LSU fans who are already excited about your arrival?

What should they expect from Terian Williams II??

TERIAN: Fans can expect a player who gives 100% all the time, leader on and off the field, a winner, passionate about everything I do and I leave it all on the field.



an interview conducted by LONN PHILLIPS SULLIVAN



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