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We provide and supply the action from this past Friday night for 4 of LSU's most highly prized 2022 commits & targets....and we may continue to cover even more recruits from this past week in the days to come.

Without the injured St Thomas More QB Walker Howard, Coach Jim Hightower's club succumbed to a heavy defeat, but there's still hope Howard could return to play in the postseason if the 2x defending champions can pull it together to make a playoff push.

Join us as we discuss the other available 2022 commits & targets from LSU, tearing it up on Friday night across the country:







In a 72-0 blowout vs Collegiate, Madison Prep went to 6-0 on the season, though huge LSU target Quency Wiggins' stats are unknown to me at this time.

Though Quency told us prior to the game that he had 7 sacks on the season, we have reached out to him for comment on MadPrep's absolute evisceration of Collegiate on Friday.




142 Yards

6 Catches

1 TD


533 Yards

33 Catches

(16.2 Avg)

-6 TDs

Catching back to back 100 yard games for the first time this season, as well as his first consecutive outings recording a touchdown, the nation's top TE and Oconee High's most explosive weapon is exploding right as Oconee's schedule begins to toughen up....and heading into this last Friday's outing vs Hart County, Jake "Juker" Johnson was ascending from strength to strength:

Over the past 2 weeks, the 2022 LSU commit is combining beautifully alongside QB Jacob Wright, the pair's burgeoning partnership helping Oconee to a 6-0 start, headlined by an unbelievable comeback victory against Veterans High. Through the past two weeks, Juker amassed 240 yards, 15 catches & 4 TDs......but this weekend against Hart, Juker went further again:

Grabbing 6+ receptions, 100+ yards and at least 1 TD for the 3rd straight game, Johnson went completely off, laying Hart County's DBs, linebackers and safeties to waste; no one could cover him, whether it was over the middle, underneath, near the sidelines, or......of course....up in the air....

While Wright missed two open TD throws to Johnson, the 2022 LSU commit still finished with his senior high in yards at 142 (only 12 off his career high), & the Super Bowl son lit up Hart County continuously:

When scoring his touchdown, Jake left a Hart County safety in pieces via some beautiful route-running, shaking and baking without ever really exaggerating his motion or showing his hand.....from covered to open in the turn of his hips.....(footage of which is below)....

Once again, Friday vs Hart County bore witness to more cerebral play from Juker. Not only scoring himself, the #1 rated TE's aerial majesty set up a pair of rushing TDs from RB CJ Jones....his medieval catches landing Oconee inside the 5 yard line on a few different occasions.

Sealing their second consecutive 7-0 start as a program, Oconee are likely headed to their third straight season with 12 wins, making mincemeat out of previously undefeated Hart County by a score of 35-13......but Oconee HIgh's real goal is winning their third straight title game appearance after two defeats by less than a combined 10 points. These championship prospects look far more possible now that Wright is proving capable of finding Johnson for crucial scores...however, Wright must continue to work on his passing as some of these missed opportunities for big plays could haunt them come December.

Regardless, if Jake Johnson isn't the best pass-catcher of the 2022 class, he's at least an automatic pick for the top 2....what an orbital highlight reel machine of play-making, history-taking virtuosity.


(footage courtesy of Jake's father, Brad Johnson)






215 Receiving Yards

-5 Receiving TDs

124 KR Yards

-97 in a single game

36 PR Yards

5 Rushing Yards

380 All Purpose Yards


5 Tackles (3 Solo)

Shazz and St James came into the River Parish rivalry bout vs Lutcher looking ready....but what we witnessed was sadly far from that...

St James were blown out by Lutcher in stunning fashion, losing 41-19; hell, Lutcher rushed for 200+ yards within the first quarter alone!!!

St James' Head Coach Robert Valdez was disgusted with what he'd just seen: "For two weeks in a row, we can't block or tackle..." he said after the game, powerless but to "tip his hat" to Lutcher's outrageous display.

The numbers for Shazz aren't in just yet, but when they appear we'll update them here. Most likely, he scored St James only points of the night. We've reached out to St James' Head Coach Robert Valdez for comment about Shazz's performance on Friday.

Coach Valdez didn't know his stats off the top, but did say "he looks good to me every game"...and the numbers, footage and pedigree back that up.

Check back here often as we'll have updated stats for Shazz's performance as footage becomes available as well.




109 All Purpose Yards

-57 Receiving

5 Catches

-55 Rushing

7 Rushes

(-3 RET Yards)


153 Receiving Yards

15 Catches

-2 Receiving TDs

83 Rushing Yards

14 Rushes

-1 Rushing TD

46 KO/PR Yards

5 Tackles (4 Solo)

2 PDs

This is why Kendrick Law is one of my favorite players out of the entire 2022 class:

During a 48-35 shootout victory over Benton, Kendrick Law went double trouble on their ass, reeling in 11.4 yards per reception and rushing for 7.9 per carry as he went over 100 combined yards.

A Law unto himself, Kendrick rhythm'd & rhymed as if his last name was Lamar, scoring his 3rd touchdown of the season. On a night such as this, the prime LSU target recorded his first rushing score of the year when pile-driving over falling bodies, before pounding through defenders to punch it in....standing over the fallen in his wondrous deliverance.

Kendrick is too dynamic to be stopped, he's so agile he can give himself a breather on the ball before he even has to make the move....his vision is scarily anticipatory....his effortless grace, boundless speed and limitless potential reminds me of Kayshon Boutte, Early Doucet or Percy Harvin....and we're only reviewing his skills on one side of the ball!

Throughout the year, it's obvious Captain Shreve are wisely managing Law's minutes and reps, making sure their prized asset is ready for the postseason, while Kendrick himself is aiming to hoist a state title in December at the Sugar Bowl....just before he makes his collegiate commitment.

While many athletes call themselves "versatile" nowadays, Kendrick Law actually is:

Having taken starting shifts at running back, wide receiver, kick / punt returner, safety or cornerback, this isn't just LSU Odyssey listing all the positions he can play....we're tallying all the places from where he can impact a football game.

You simply MUST SEE his absolutely breathtaking abilities here, especially when he plows over a linebacker on his rushing score, or makes 4 defenders miss on a punt return, Law is an absolute joystick player out there....




(incomplete stats)

102 Rushing Yards

-87 yard long rushing score

2 Rushing TDs

1 Fumble Recovery

2021 STATS

729 Rushing Yards

13 Rushing TDs

-5x over 100 yards rushing

64 Receiving Yards

3 Catches

2 Receiving TDs


(incomplete stats)

8 Tackles (6 Solo)

3.0 TFL

2 Sacks

1 Fumble Recovery

LB/RB Harold Perkins is an absolute freight train of gridiron reign....completely demolishing Cypress Falls during Cy Park's 51-7 victory this past Friday....but not in the way many would expect:

Still, I keep having to remind fans of Perkins' dual abilities as both a running back as well as a linebacker, the position he's most known for.

As the #1 LB of the 2022 class, it is odd that we're spending more time discussing Perkins' unbelievable offensive performances, makes total sense in the grand scheme of modern football.

Just like Kendrick Law, Harold Perkins' coaching staff know what they're doing with their extremely versatile assassin:

Allowing Harold to grow his game on the offensive side of the ball isn't a compromise of any sort, not when your best LB is also your best offensive weapon...

...Averaging just under 150 rushing yards per game and scoring 15 total offensive TDs through 6 Friday nights, on the surface it may look as if Harold is pushing to switch sides of the ball....but in reality, this is where the modern game is headed.

When in possession of a dream player capable of show-stopping turns on both sides of the ball, i.e Derek Stingley Jr, LaRon Landry, Patrick Queen or Devin White, each coaching staff must consider their futures.

For example, Queen and White were tapped to become linebackers at the collegiate level, so, thanks to their ability to play RB at a filthy level, their high school coaches made sure they played the position in preparation for their time covering SEC running backs, knowing just how much their experience would improve their defensive qualities at the next level.

That's what is going on with Cy Park's Harold Perkins, an otherworldly athletic figure burying every opponent who dares to cross his path; at 729 rushing yards, 13 rushing scores and 2 receiving touchdowns, Harold is destroying defenses all over Texas, and he did it again with classic style this past Friday:

Taking a handoff for 87 yards, Perkins raced through, around and beyond every single Cypress Falls' defender, putting a few to sleep with some savage hits, breaking tackles before his speed took over in the second level. After yet another powerful display of Harold's big play ability, it is worth noting the mega-LSU target has now produced long distance runs of 98 and 87 yards this season.....good God....

Adding a 2nd TD, this time a 15 yard scamper, alongside his 5th 100+ yard game (through 6 appearances), the premier LSU target also recovered a fumble from the linebacker position! Harold is a savage orchestrator with a huge impact on the game no matter where you place him....

Following 6 appearances as a senior, LSU Odyssey are going on record saying Harold may just be the #1 overall athlete of 2022's class.....who else has produced as much, against top opposition, week in and week out on both sides of the ball?

Check back in here as we get full defensive stats for Harold.



Copyright 2021 Uninterrupted Writings Inc

SHOUTOUTS: Thank You Natale Vittori for joining the postgames! Also, Kevin Howell and Louis Corona! ADIESEL our SFGIANTS ARE GONNA TAKE DOWN LA AND WIN IT ALL!

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